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Tagged With: Support to Anna Hazare

Anna ki Team Badi AAge..

    Anna Hazare… team Anna is proceeding forward with amazing support by the people and this has given energy and strength to Anna who is on fast from eight days…   In England team India is heading back from top position to the third one..Kamyabi se ab nakamyabi mein badal gayi hain…

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बढ़ चला अन्ना का कारवाँ…

बढ़ चला है अन्ना का कारवाँ अपनी मंजिल की ओर देश के साथ बांधी है क्रांति की मजबुत डोर । अब यह कारवाँ आगे बढ़ता ही जायेगा

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अन्नांची आहुती…

जाऊ नका कपिल सिब्बल तुम्ही अन्नाच्या वाटेला उगाच अभिमान बाळगू  नका लागाल तुम्ही भिकेला, होत आहे पुन्हा इथे

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Sabak Sikhana jaruri hain…

Tomorrow Anna will start his fight against corruption. This time it is the last chance to change the system of our country and to crush corruption from our country.. Anna has already declared that this fight is not against the government but against corruption and so called corrupted people and leaders… then why the government … Continue reading »

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