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Our Aim “KISS”The World

The Green Movements:    We have speed up now our green movements and we are getting a tremendous response from all the sections of the society. We have learned a lot. The first important thing that I have learned that is “Team Work”. An individual’s efforts and capability together make a team.

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Eight Best Moments..

“The Thought of the Day”.. Hema Rathod Life is so complex today that we never get free time even to think about the best moments of life. Some how we are thinking little about our self. We are engrossed with our own work and so we feel life as difficult. So come on let us … Continue reading »

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Dhru Thumer.. “Book is Special to Me”

Book is always special to me .My mother was found of reading. When I was in 6th standard  a person name Gunvant Shah lived opposite to me. He was old and very found of reading and music.I have no tv at home and no tuitions so I have lots of time to play and read. … Continue reading »

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Sarang’s New Sketches…

Sarang has given us his new sketches. He is busy now days putting his creative work in the form of new paintings and sketches. Sarang recently talked with me and expressed his desire of becoming a good artist. We wish him all the best.

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Go Green and “KISS” the World..

 SHREE GATTU VIDYALAYA is doing lot of work for creating awareness among the people to keep the environment sustainable and strong. The students have joined the campaign and doing their best to take on this movement to the mass and to the people. It is important to take part and a little bit to Save … Continue reading »

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Stop warning… act now..

 American strategy and tactics once has proved its strength and power. The plan and the way they have worked out has raised many questions in our minds that are we capable and learn something from this? America has shown the world that terrorism cannot be tackle only with the help of bilateral talks and peaceful … Continue reading »

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We promise to “KISS” the World

  SHREE GATTU VIDYALAYA is always encouraging the students for the new programs. Since last two years we are participating in CLP YOUNG POWER PROGRAM and creating awareness among the students and the society. Definitely it is a golden chance for us to be a part of this movement in order to save the environment. Brijesh … Continue reading »

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Shree Gattu Vidyalaya has given us the opportunity to do something  for keeping the environment green. It is a collective efforts and every one has to take part. The problem of pollution is bigger than any other problem in the world.

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After a long struggle and search operation America got success in the end to kill the most wanted terrorist in the world Osama bin Laden. He is no more now. His death is definitely a step towards the end of terrorism. The operation was carried out secretly by the US army and agency and this … Continue reading »

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Sarang’s New Addition…

THE “SHOWCASE” Sarang has added new sketches in his collection. I am happy to see that he has continued his work and is utilizing his free time in creative work. He will be in Std. X and might be experiencing the heat of board. But his art can really help him to ease down and … Continue reading »

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