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The Project– Learning Technology and Ideology

About :-   The work we have taken is not just for a project or competition but it is our journey, to know the immortal spirit ‘Mahatma Gandhi’ and to take up the challenge to prepare our self and young generation for the future.

In today’s situation the students have the opportunity of learning with technology, but at the same time they have to learn our ideals, moral values and principles. So we thought about the project Learning the technology and ideology’ –   The whole education system is changing, but at the heart of the transformation has to be the drive to make every child a productive youngster.

We all expect the youngsters as responsible, honest disciplined and having good values. On the other hand our system has failed to inculcate these values amongst the students.

We decided to ‘Rediscover Mahatma Gandhi’ as his life itself is a message to all. When terrorism, bigotry, sectarianism is threatening our culture and civilization…… at such crucial point…….it’s our responsibility to make our children learn the principles led down by Mahatma Gandhi.

India has a lot of potential but lacks a platform. So we decided to give such platform to all students where they will learn and experience the thoughts and values. We decided to make aware, realize and to think once again for the real meaning and values of life……… as ‘Life is real! Life is earnest ! We want to involve students and our community to become part of our journey………’Journey of Repeating History ‘Remembering Mahatma Gandhi and his message”.

We started the programme with

‘Become the Tower

With Gandhian Thought Power’

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