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Sarang’s Fine Art….

Posted by on March 21, 2011


Sarang Bilwankar, has posted his recent sketches. Day by day his art is taking a fine shape and has different shades of colours and imagination.

Sarang is motivated by his parents and they want that he should continue his creativity. Thats what we all need today. Inspite of forcing the child to do the things according to parents will it should be the child’s own desire to select the field of his own interest. It is only the responibility of parents to see that their child has a goal and he should try to attempt it. This is a clear message to all of us. Let the child think on his own way and select the road that he feels is suitable.

4 Responses to Sarang’s Fine Art….

  1. Milind Bilwankar

    Heartly thanks for taking initiative for publishing Sarang’s art on net.
    Entire site is nicely developed and it gives good opportunity to youngsters to expose their creativity on advance communication system.

    Once again thanks and keep it up.

    Miind Bilwankar

  2. Bhonde Rajendra Arunkumar

    Hi, I would like to express my grattitudes to Mrs. Varsha Pargat for giving such a huge encouragement to a junior artist like sarang Bilwankar which will help a lot to him to do such creative work in the future. I think this is a very firm landing for Sarang to climb high.

    Congratulations to Sarang & his parents for his art & their encouragements given respectively.

    Thanks again to Mrs. Pargat

    Rajendra Bhonde
    9727757280 (Mob)

  3. k.k.chatterjee

    The encouragement given to Sarang through this portal is commendable . A flower needs water ( support from parents) to blossom but it also definitly needs air ( this portal ) to spread its fragnance .

  4. Uday

    I congratulate Sarang for his fantastic art. I would also like to say thanks to his drawing teacher for nurturing this budding artist.

    Mrs. Pargat has really encouraged Sarang by keeping his paintings on this portal. I request Mrs. Pargat that being a writer and poetess, can she give some one line phrases to the painting of Sarang to make them more live!


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