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We are the miser of the worst species

Posted by on February 2, 2011
Don’t be shocked to know that we are the miser of the worst species. As a teacher I am always in contact with the people and the students. What I have learned from my experience that we are day by day becoming miser in terms of giving happiness to others as well as to ourselves .From so many days I am watching them closely to come to the conclusion that even they don’t know why they are unhappy. Only thing they want to do is to show their anger and frustration.
One of the most famous Marathi writers P. L. Deshpande has written a book “Vyakti Aani Valli”. The book focuses on the nature of different persons. In the same manner I have also found that these people have their own ways of showing anger and frustration. I think they are chronically unhappy. They don’t know what they are missing in their life. No doubt they are well educated but they are not able to find out the ways and the means of getting happiness. They look always tensed, nervy, fearful and disappointed. Even they are not enjoying their own profession and work. That is what when you don’t enjoy your own work it will make you tense and exhausting. In the morning when the day starts they fail to give a smile to others. From this point we become miser. The great writer Ravindranath Tagore used to watch daily the sun rise. When someone asked him “What he sees daily?”. He replied “I find that every day the sun is new and I get new energy”. That is what we all need to learn.
Another thing which I observed about them is that they lack willingness to change. They are reluctant to accept change. So they fail to adjust with the changing environment resulting into frustration and mental fatigue.  A person’s ego is the biggest enemy. Their ego doesn’t allow them to change and appreciate others success and progress. Recently Sri Sri Ravishankar has pointed out that praise can help a person to remove negativity. This is the second point that we prove we are miser.
The people who think the whole world is an evil place then it becomes true for them. I have found few people around who are always dissatisfied. They are dissatisfied with the boss, with the organization, with their family and in the end with themselves too. Nothing can give them solace unless they change their attitude. They are in search of happiness and god. Saint Kabir has said “Mujko kaha dhundhe re bande, mai to tere pass”. The God and happiness is always with us but we have to find it within. Our inability forces us to become miser for the third time.
We are involved in our own petty work. It gives us very less time to think for ourselves. There is always a doubt in the mind are we living? Or only we are passing the precious time of life? We are engrossed with our own work so much that even if the God himself will be standing nearby we will ask him to come later on after taking appointment. Once again we become miser to realise and understand the real meaning of life.
Every year now we are celebrating “joy of giving week” but before that we have to learn to be happy first and then we can be able to give happiness to others. As we have forgotten this basic foundation of life there is the necessity to make aware the people about giving happiness to others. This is the gift of this modern world that we are the miser of the worst species.


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