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Books are my friends….

Posted by on March 22, 2011


The habit of reading is one of the greatest resources of mankind” . I feel that this is really true. Books are my best friends. They have helped me a lot to develop my personality. While reading books we come with many experiences. Books are guide, and teach us something and we can implement the thoughts in our life.

Today in the world of computers, net and mobiles one hardly get time to go through the books. Through such modern tools we easily can be in touch with the world but still reading is the best asset to us. It increases our imagination. It improves our writing skill. I develop the habit of reading from early childhood. My school Shree Gattu Vidyalaya has provided me a platform to build up my reading habit. With God grace my mother has also helped me to inculcate this habit of reading.

Being a librarian, my mother is always surrounded by books. This is the plus point for me as I am in touch of so many books and so many writers. The stories of Sudha Murty and Dr. I. K. Vijaliwala are heart touching as they are the real stories. While reading their stories I feel that they are very close to us.  I mostly like to read the books of Chetan Bhagat, Sudha Murty, Prof. Priyakant Parikh.

Every one today must develop the habit of reading. As Mahatma Gandhi has said “A house without books is like body without soul”. As I have grown up a special attachment is developed between me and books. I always feel that I am surrounded by the great personalities. Books are my intimate friends. They stimulate and refresh us.

At last I want to quote that “Books are for the people, of the people and by the people”. My school has given me a platform to encourage my interest in books. The competition conducted by the Gujarat Government “Vache Gujarat” had given a stage to all the children like me who are interested in reading. Every year a book fair is organized in my school. This book fair is a three days journey for me as I come across many books. My teachers also help me and support me. So my dear friends read books and change your outlook… it will change you and your life!

Neh Rathod,

Class VIII, Shree Gattu Vidyalaya

3 Responses to Books are my friends….

  1. k.k.chatterjee

    The write up by Neh is truly encouraging as reading books has already enlightened the young mind about the benefits of this good habit. I wish him good luck.
    In the present world books have no longer remained the printed versions but they have spread wings to typed version / net version and in some cases animation version. This enhancement in variety makes it more enjoyable.

  2. hitanshi

    I love both of your stories especially books are my guides. I love your explanation and thought I also love to read. The way you think of the world is what i thought too until I realized It’s a modern world and I love your
    thoughts. p.s your cousin Hitanshi

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