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The Cries of an Afgan Woman

Posted by on March 21, 2011



Recently I read books titled “For the Love of a Son” by Jean Sasson and “A Thousand Splendid Suns” by Khaled Hosseini. These books open a world of grief and sorrow of Afgan women. The whole world has seen the injustice and torture by the so called fundamentalist people. While reading those books I was simply touched and moved by their grief and woes. My all feelings and emotions came out in the form of a poem. I dedicate this poem to them and thank God that I am lucky and born in India where I have freedom and I can live with dignity.

I suffer each day

with pain and dismay

Everything I do to satisfy
my husband goes in vain
There seems no end to
my sadness and pain

I feel as a criminal who has done no crime

I fight  battles with sufferings every time
With my child lies my happiness
For him I become helpless
For his sake, I can’t opt for death.
I have gone through murderous efforts
I feel like a caged bird whose
cries remain unheard
Some times I think of suicide
but alas! I have to fight
For my child I look for a dim ray of light
Facing a heinous man is the proclivity of my life
For he thinks i am his puppet
and not his wife
I am enslaved in life
which is full of strife
From birth to death
I am considered a curse
Oh! God, Why did I take birth as a girl
and one day comes an end
to my life and distress
My soul goes forever in rest
Privileged are those who are men
As in the land of Afghans
hell lies for every women.
Srushti Pargat
Class IX, C.M. Academy, Ankleshwar.

2 Responses to The Cries of an Afgan Woman

  1. k.k.chatterjee

    Wonderful. Written with an overwhelming compassion. She is a true shadow of her mother.
    The platform created through this website is very promising. It is bound to survive and flourish. With sincere wishes.

  2. anusha

    Great one Srushti! lucky we are born in India huh??

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