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Direct- Indirect Narration [Class 12th]–On The Face of It

Posted by on September 24, 2020
  1. MR LAMB: Mind the apples!
    DERRY: What? Who’s that? Who’s
    MR LAMB: Lamb’s my name. Mind the
    apples. Crab apples those are.
    Windfalls in the long grass.
    You could trip.
    DERRY: I….there….I thought this was
    an empty place. I didn’t know
    there was anybody here….
  2. DERRY: [Panic] I’ve got to go.
    MR LAMB: Not on my account. I don’t mind who comes into
    the garden. The gate’s always open. Only you
    climbed the garden wall.
    DERRY: [Angry] You were watching me.
    MR LAMB: I saw you. But the gate’s open. All welcome. You’re
    welcome. I sit here. I like sitting.
  3. DERRY: I’d not come to steal anything.
    MR LAMB: No, no. The young lads steal….scrump the apples.
    You’re not so young.
    DERRY: I just….wanted to come in. Into the garden.
    MR LAMB: So you did. Here we are, then.
    DERRY: You don’t know who I am.
  4. MR LAMB: You want me to ask….say so, then.
    DERRY: I don’t like being with people. Any people.
    MR LAMB: I should say….to look at it…. I should say, you
    got burned in a fire.
  5. MR LAMB: It’s all relative. Beauty and the beast.
    DERRY: What’s that supposed to mean?
    MR LAMB: You tell me.
    DERRY: You needn’t think they haven’t all told me that
    fairy story before.
  6. MR LAMB: Ah, but do you care if you never kiss them.
    DERRY: What?
    MR LAMB: Girls. Pretty girls. Long hair and large eyes. People
    you love.
    DERRY: Who’d let me? Not one.
    MR LAMB: Who can tell?
    DERRY: I won’t ever look different. When I’m as old as
    you, I’ll look the same. I’ll still only have half a
  7. DERRY: It’d have been trespassing.
    MR LAMB: Ah. That’s not why.
    DERRY: I don’t like being near people. When they
    stare….when I see them being afraid of me.
    MR LAMB: You could lock yourself up in a room and never
    leave it. There was a man who did that.
  8. MR LAMB: You could tell me your name. If you chose. And
    not, if you didn’t.
    DERRY: Derry. Only it’s Derek….but I hate that. Derry. If
    I’m your friend, you don’t have to be mine. I choose

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