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Writing Skill Practice–1 [Class 10]

Posted by on August 29, 2020

Q. 1. Read the passage given below and answer the questions/complete the sentences that follow:

Sniffer dog Tucker uses his nose to help researchers find out why a killer whale population off the northwest coast of the United States is on tKe decline. He searches for whale faeces floating on the surface of the water, which are then collected for examination. He is one of the elite team of detection dogs used by scientists studying a number of species including right whales and killer whales.

Conservation canines are fast becoming indispensable tools for biologists according to Aimee Hurt, associate director and co-founder of Working Dogs for Conservation, based in Three Forks, Montana.
Over the last few years, though, so many new conservation dog projects have sprung up that Hurt can no longer keep track of them all. Her organization’s dogs and their handlers are fully booked to assist field researchers into 2012.

“Dogs have such a phenomenal sense of smell”, explained Sam Wasser, director of the Center for Conservation biology at the University of Washington in Seattle. He has worked with scat-detection dogs since 199(g). Scientists have been using Conservation Canines in their research since 199(g). These dogs have enabled them to non-invasively access vast amount of genetic and physiological information which is used to tackle conservation problems around the world. Such information has proved vital for determining the causes and consequences of human disturbances on wildlife as well as the actions needed to mitigate such impacts.

The ideal detection dog is extremely energetic with an excessive play drive. These dogs will happily work all • day long, motivated by the expectation of a ball game as a reward for sample detection. The obsessive, high energy personalities of detection dogs also make them difficult to maintain as pets. As a result, they frequently find themselves abandoned to animal shelters, facing euthanasia. The programme rescues these dogs and offers them a satisfying career in conservation research.

(a) According to the text there are a few________ detection dogs like Tucker.
(b) Tucker sniffs for whale________
(c) The dogs are special because they assist in research without ________
(d) The ideal detection dog ________
(e) The dogs expect________ as a reward of their hard work.
(f) ________of these dogs make it difficult to keep them as pets.
(g) These dogs find career in ________
(h) The word ‘euthanasia’ means ________

Q,2 Read the passage and answer the following questions given below:

Power foods are foods that provide rich levels of nutrients like fibre, potassium and minerals. With people becoming increasingly health conscious today, a lot of finess trainers encourage their clients to include these foods in their daily diet to increase muscle development. There are various ways of incorporating power foods in your daily diet. Of course, the key to enjoying power foods is proper preparation of these foods, the use of season-fresh foods, and indentifying your choice of flavour among power foods.

Some of the recommended power food combinations are those that are prepared in our kitchens on a regular basis. Take for instance, the combination of chickpeas and onions. This combination is a powerful source of iron which is required by the body to transport oxygen to its various parts. Iron deficiency can lead to anaemia, fatigue, brain fog and tiredness. A study by the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry says that sulphur compounds in onion and garlic help in the absorption of iron and zinc from chickpeas. The combination is a hit with teenagers who need to be diligent about getting iron in their diet. A quick way to prepare this power food is to make a chickpea salad with chopped onions, chaat masala and cilantro

Another favourite combination with power food takers is yoghurt and bananas. This makes for a perfect snack after a rough game of football. Exercising bums glucose and thus lowers blood sugar. Yoghurt is packed with proteins that help preserve muscle mass, and bananas are packed with carbohydrates that help in refuelling energy and preventing muscle soreness. A quick and easy recipe with bananas is a banana smoothie topped with cool yoghurt.
(4) Among beverages, green tea is the best source of catechins that are effective in halting oxidative damage to cells. According to researchers at Purdue University, adding a dash of lemon juice to green tea makes the catechins even more easily absorbable by the body. So, the next time you have instead of are friends serve them rounds of iced green tea with mint and lemon juice.

(a) What are power foods?
(b) What are the rules regarding the partaking of power foods?
(c) What is the advantage of including onions and garlic in our diet?
(d) Suggest a quick recipe with chickpea and onions.
(e) Why is yogurt and bananas, and enriching power food?
(f) Why is green tea a recommended power food?
(g) . What is the advantage of combining green tea with lemon juice?
(h) What is the key to enjoying power foods in a wholesome way?

Q.3. Write a notice to inform the students about the Celebration of Eco-friendly Ganesh festival in your school

Q.4. Write an email to a friend describing your anguish over lockdown

Q.5. Write a report as your city received record rainfall

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