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Writing Skills Practice— [Class 10]

Posted by on July 18, 2020

Diary Entry:

  1. You are Naresh. You happened to go to Agra in a crowded bus on a hot summer day. Record your experience in the form of a diary entry.
  2. Today you visited your ancestral village and watched the farmers harvesting a crop of wheat. Make a diary entry describing your experience at the village.
  3. You were a member of a team of students campaigning against the spread of smoking in the village community. Make a diary entry describing your participation and success achieved in your mission.
  4. You recently visited the 24th Crafts Mela at Suraj Kund, Faridabad. It was Mini India assembled at one place. Using the hints, make a diary entry of what you saw and experienced there.
  5. You paid a visit to an ‘Old Home’ with other N.S.S. Volunteers. Using the hints given below together with your own ideas, make a diary entry of what you saw and experienced there.

E-mail Writing & Notice Writing:

  1. Write an e-mail to the principal of a neighbouring school informing her of
    the event and requesting her to send a team to participate.
  2. You are the President of a children’s club in your locality.
    You and your team are planning to organise a programme to celebrate
    Teachers’ Day.
    Write a notice, to be put up in the local Supermarket, giving details of the
    programme to create an awareness of the event.
  3. Write an e-mail to the General Manager of the Supermarket seeking
    permission to display the notice and requesting a sponsorship for the
  4. Your school is conducting an inter-class talent search. Write out a notice to
    be put up in your school informing students about the event and inviting
    them to participate.
  5. Write an e-mail to the Principal of a neighbouring school requesting him /
    her to send a team of teachers to judge the event.

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