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From The Diary of Anne Frank—Class 10 [Questions & Grammar]

Posted by on June 18, 2020

Q. Answer the following questions:

  1. What does Anne Frank tell about her family in her diary?
  2. Describe your views about Mr Keesing as a teacher.
  3. What does Anne write in her first essay to support her habit of talking so much?
  4. Describe Anne’s love for her grandmother.
  5. Anne called 26th July a ‘tumultous’ day. Explain the reasons behind it.
  6. Why did Anne think that she could confide more in her diary than in the people?
  7. Who helped Anne in writing the essay and how?
  8. Write the character sketch of Anne Frank.

Q. Do as Directed:

  1. WRITING in a diary is a really strange experience for someone like me. [Make it Negative]
  2. I’ve never written anything before.  [Make it Affirmative]
  3. ‘Paper has more patience than people.’ [ Change the degree]
  4. I was feeling a little depressed and was sitting at home.  [Make it Complex]
  5. I can call friends.  [Change the Voice]
  6. I started right away at the Montessori nursery school.    [Make it Interrogative]

Q. Write in your diary about your feelings as you are fed up of staying at home

Q. Write a letter to your friend describing about Covid situation in your city

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