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The Lost Spring— [Class 12]

Posted by on June 13, 2020

Answer the following questions:

1.Why had the ragpickers come to live in Seemapuri? 

2. Garbage to them is gold; why does the author say so about the ragpickers? 

3. How is Mukesh different from the other bangle makers of Firozabad? 

4. Is it possible for Mukesh to realise his dream? Justify your answer.

5. Give a brief account of life and activities of the people like Saheb-e-Alam settled in

6. Lost Spring’ explains the grinding poverty and traditions that condemn thousands of
people to a life of abject poverty. Do you agree? Why/Why not?

7. The bangle makers of Firozabad make beautiful bangles and make everyone happy
but they live and die in squalor. Elaborate.

Q.2. Rewrite the sentences into indirect narration:

  1. “I have nothing else to do,” he mutters, looking away.
    “Go to school,” I say glibly, realising immediately how
    hollow the advice must sound. “There is no school in my neighbourhood. When they
    build one, I will go.”
    “If I start a school, will you come?” I ask, half-joking.
    “Yes,” he says, smiling broadly.
    A few days later I see him running up to me. “Is your
    school ready?”
  2. “I now work in a tea stall down
    the road,” he says, pointing in the distance. “I am paid
    800 rupees and all my meals.” Does he like the job? I ask.
  3. Mukesh insists on being his
    own master. “I will be a motor
    mechanic,” he announces.
    “Do you know anything about cars?”. I ask

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