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The Black Aeroplane –[Class 10]

Posted by on June 11, 2020

Q. Answer the following questions:

  1.  “I’ll take the risk.” What is the risk? Why does the narrator take it?
  2. Describe the narrator’s experience as he flew the aeroplane into the storm.
  3. A pilot is lost in the storm clouds. Does he arrive safe? Who helps him?
  4. From the beginning to the end of the lesson the black aeroplane is a mystery. How?

Q.2. Do as Directed: 

  1. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. [Make it affirmative]
  2. I was dreaming of my holiday and looking forward to being with my family. [Make it compound]
  3. I knew I could not fly up and  over them. [Make it Simple]
  4. He turned his aeroplane slowly to the north, in front of my Dakota. [Make it Complex]
  5. I landed and was not sorry to walk away from the old Dakota near the control tower.[Make it Complex]

Q.3. Rewrite the sentences into indirect narration:

  1. I switched on the radio and said, “Paris Control, Dakota DS 088
    here. Can you hear me? I’m on my way to England.
    Over.” The voice from the radio answered me immediately:
    “DS 088, I can hear you. You ought to turn twelve
    degrees west now, DS 088. Over.”
  2. “I ought to go back to Paris,” I thought, but I
    wanted to get home. I wanted that breakfast.
    ‘I’ll take the risk,’ I thought, and flew that old
    Dakota straight into the storm.
  3. “Follow me,” he was saying. “Follow me.”
    ‘He knows that I am lost,’ I thought. ‘He’s trying
    to help me.’

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