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A Long Walk to Freedom— Grammar

Posted by on May 29, 2020


Q.1. Do as Directed:

  1. I had been pleasantly besieged by dignitaries. [ Change the voice]
  2. The inauguration would be the largest gathering ever. [Change the degree]
  3. The ceremonies took place in the lovely amphitheater formed by the Union Buildings. [Make it Compound]
  4. He was accompanied by his daughter. [Change the Voice]
  5. I pledged to obey and uphold the constitution. [Make it interrogative]
  6. I was not unmindful. [Make it Affirmative]
  7. The day was symbolized for me by the playing of two national anthems. Make it Complex]
  8. They created the structure and it was harshest. {Make it Complex]
  9. I was simply the sum of all African patriots who had gone before me. [Make it Compound]
  10. The policy created a deep and lasting wound in my country. [ Change the Voice]
  11. No one is born hating another person. [Make it Affirmative]
  12. I found that I was prevented from fulfilling my obligations. [Make it Compound]
  13. I began to learn that my boyhood freedom was an illusion. [Add question tag]

Q.2. Write a letter to your friend expressing your thoughts on this chapter.

Q.3. Write a notice to inform the students about elocution competition. Write it as a head boy/head girl 

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