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A Long Walk to Freedom– Part 5

Posted by on May 23, 2020

Answer the following questions: [Related with video]

  1. In what ways was Mandela free?What kind of freedom did Mandela yearn for as a man?
  2. Why did Mandela join the African National Congress? and Why did Mandela say that freedom was indivisible?

Other Extra questions:

1.What does Nelson Mandela refer to as “an extraordinary human disaster”?

2. Describe the views of Mandela for the black people who fought and sacrificed their likes for the country’s political independence?

3. What does Mandela mean to say that the oppressor and the oppressed alike are robbed of their humanity?
4. Describe the value of freedom for the human beings and how it is important for the growth of civilisation and humanism as described in the lesson ‘Nelson Mandela : Long Walk to Freedom’.

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