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A Letter to God— Part 2

Posted by on May 11, 2020

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Q.1.Rewrite the sentences into indirect narration:

  1.  Ha exclaimed, ‘‘These aren’t
    raindrops falling from the sky, they are new coins.
    The big drops are ten cent pieces and the little ones
    are fives.’’
  2. ‘‘It’s really getting bad now,’’ exclaimed the man.
    “I hope it passes quickly.”
  3. he stood in the middle of the
    field and said to his sons, “A plague of locusts would have left more than this. The hail has left nothing.
    This year we will have no corn.’’
    That night was a sorrowful one.
    “All our work, for nothing.”
    ‘‘There’s no one who can help us.”
    “We’ll all go hungry this year.”
  4. “Don’t be so upset, even though this seems like
    a total loss. Remember, no one dies of hunger.”
    “That’s what they say: no one dies of hunger.” They all said
  5. “God,” he wrote, “if you don’t help me, my family
    and I will go hungry this year.
  6. he turned serious and, tapping the
    letter on his desk, commented, “What faith! I wish I
    had the faith of the man who wrote this letter.
    Starting up a correspondence with God!”
    Q.2. Write a report as you were a part of food distribution program — in which food packets were distributed to the migrant workers.

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