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Love You Grandma…. A Poem By Aahen

Posted by on August 5, 2018

this poem is from all grand daughters contributed to their grandmothers…

love you grandma

my eyes always need a smile on
your face to see,
it has only one wish, to see you
happy to be.
my ears always want to listen
your voice,
it feels happy and relaxed to hear lullabies and
stories of your choice.
my mind always appreciates your
love and simplicity,
it thinks your charm and your beauty
as the gods real creativity.
my heart always wants your heart
to beat,
as a granddaughter consider myself,
instead of your stick.
my sleep always needs your laps
to travel in dreams,
because it knows, that you will flow it
in a fairy tale streams.
my hunger needs food of your
ethics and care,
that feeling of i being very special for you,
would found no where else.
i will never let you go far from
otherwise my life would become from
heaven to hell.
just always be there for me
like my friend,
because without you grandma
no one would call me grand….

One Response to Love You Grandma…. A Poem By Aahen

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