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My New Page of Life…

Posted by on July 10, 2018








After visiting Chung Hua High School, we went to the community  library. A very enthusiastic, energetic and good looking young girl Karen accompanied us. Her another good thing I noticed is she has a very sweet smile on her face.

It is said that “Smile increases your face value”. In this modern and competitive world we have forgotten even to have smile on face and so people like Karen always make you feel that “You are still alive and you can also smile”

In the library we met all alumni of the school who are doing a wonderful job of managing a library. In this digitalized world it’s a big challenge to keep library as no one wants to read. We saw lots of books and I felt I was surrounded by knowledge and knowledge!. It was a very warm welcome by them. We tasted traditional Malaysian snacks which was awesome.

Then we went to “Akasha Centre”.. Yes it is a centre of knowledge, it is a centre of wisdom, friendship, companionship. The center takes care and share.. it has only one aim that is Humanity.

We met the members of Aakasha and Tan Siew Hong. It was a special meet for me. She shared her life story and it touched me deeply. It was the story of past and present. It was a story of pain and struggle. During that time I felt that we all are having near about same problem and we try to over come it. Her story taught me how she approached to change. Obviously the change came when she came in touch with “AKASHA”—-

I have describe my experience in my own words—–

Her story was a story of

Struggle and pain,

It was her journey through

Immense strain,

We all strive hard

With grief and sorrow

We have always hope

For better tomorrow,

We fail, we reject sometime

The positive thoughts make us shine.

We need to be patient, believe in divine

Wait, its just matter of time”

The meeting with her reminded…

Strength grows when we dare. Unity grows when we pair. Love grows when we share and relationships grow when we care. Live in peace nit in pieces!







[To be Continued]

2 Responses to My New Page of Life…

  1. Fong Yimi

    Hi, dear Varsha Pargat. I like your ‘Strength grows when we dare.’ Thank you for your sharing. 💞

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