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A New Page of My Life…

Posted by on July 8, 2018











On the second day we visited a school in Seremben. Mr. Nandor Lim , as usual a very calm and quiet person, was ready to pick us from hotel. It  was a very warm morning. But we forgot everything to see Indian breakfast after a long gap, as we were travelling quite long time. We enjoyed the breakfast and it added flavours as we met a very loving, kind and always smiling lady Mrs. Yimi.

She is such a wonderful person to have as a friend. After taking heavy breakfast we went to school. Chung Hua High School, a school with big campus. The meeting was good and we discussed about each others education system.

On that day I saw the people closely. I felt we all are same, having same problems and same life. While going to the school I saw many trees, particularly the Palm trees. In India now a days it is rare to see such green area. The concrete jungles have swallowed the green grounds. It was a long drive without any noise. The people are never using the horn, it shows they are very patient. The people drive with great patience and respecting the rules.

It is a dream to have this thing in India. We should learn such things from them. When I came back I shared this with my students. The one hour drive was really peaceful for me and lot of things were going on in my mind.

So I learn how we can be patient and keep ourselves calm and quiet!

“Though there was no noise outside

I feel the world conceal & keep something to hide,

I was struggling with the noise within

just thought why peace is so far and thin?,

we need friends and companions

to stop the hate and fighting

yes, the world will be happy

with the people who are caring and sharing!!!”

Thank You AAKASHA ….

[To be Continued]




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