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A New Page of My Life…

Posted by on July 6, 2018















I visited Malaysia in the month of May. It was a new page of my life. The visit has added many more things to my life and I will cherish them forever. The members of “AAKASHA” group are amazing. Before landing in Malaysia I was little bit scared and hesitant but all members of “Aaakahsa” changed my outlook beyond everything.

I just want to say,

I landed there, little bit scared

But they came with love and care

I learned how to share,

They conquered us with tender and gentleness

My heart weeps, to receive pure happiness,

They bind us with friendship & tranquility

I regained trust in humanity,

“AAKASHA” — means the Sky

The connection of companionship gave me strength to fly,

They are noble and their hearts shrine

I am still in the flood of remembrance to feel divine

[To be Continued…….]


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