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Dear Bapu…

Posted by on January 31, 2013

Dear Bapu,g1

Yes, you are very dear to us and close to our heart, so close that we have everywhere your photo’s . Just to tell in the offices, courts, parliament, roads, hopitals and more to add. Sorry, on our currency note also! but we hardly remember you through the actions. what an irony for us that a person like you was born in this great nation and today we only remember you in the form of statues and photographs.

As the ‘Father of Nation’ we put you at such heights that we hardly are able to reach there. We wanted to give respect, love, admiration and a tri2token of rememberance, so we put the pictures of your photograph. the indian currency notes have your photo!. Bapu you have given us the message’ Greed is sin”, “Live simple” but we are full of greed and lust. Jis note pe aap ki photograph hain wohi dekar hum sab apana kaam nikal lete hain. In modern world it is so called ‘Bribe’ or in political language it is called ‘Corruption’.

Shayad aap ka photo iss liya hain ki wo hamesha hame imandari ki rah dikhata rhain, that means it will inspire us to be  and honest. Bapu, who cares and bothers? Saab ek dusare kitaang khich rahe hain. and we all are following the same way. We are so smart that we boldly blame others and we forget that we are also the part of the same.

Bapu, aapki photo aur ek jagha par hain that is our courts… it is because that it will teach us to be truthful…”Satyamev Jayate”.. but Bapu, look what has happened?… truth is twisted, supressed, and justice is delayed… it is that “Delay Justice means to denie Justice… what we can do… ?But yes we remember you.. as it is 30th Jan and the next day will be 2nd october..Shayad kisine kaha tha, ” Chahe Dus gunehegar chut gaye to bhi chale ga lekin kisi ek nirdiosh ko saja nahi honi chahiye” and so we are doing the same. we are so careful that apani matlab ki baat hum achchi tarahan se samjte hain”…So to follow this many criminals are moving freely on the roads and they are taking disadvantage of our juduciary system. the cunning people are moulding and twisting the rules as thaey know and are very sure about that ‘nothing is going to happen’… Bapu, you can see the Delhi Rape and murder case… the sixth criminal is juvenile so he will be freed after six months… but when he committed such a henious crime at that time was he not the juvenile?… rape karke marne ki buddhi usme hain… lekin jab saja deni ki baat ho to “wo to Bachcha Hain:… Kya pata in future this will create a wrong interpretetion… might be many such cases will come up and then our court will say they are minors… Kya hamara desh ek ‘Aaisi Pahachan’ lekar kahada rahe ga?…

Bapu, you have said “To tolerate injustice is the biggest crime:… so this not the injustice on the part of all the women who are so called respected by our country?..Why the girl’s parents should tolerate this?… agar aap hote to kya karte Bapu?. Bapu, today we feel very sad and are disheartened the way and the things are going on in the nation. We feel helpless and we are really dumb, deaf and blind now… we feel but we can’t act… we are angry but we tolerate…. we want to do but we wait for someone to come and take the step… we want the change… but we don’t to be changed… so aisa hi hamara desh chal raha hain… kabhi aap ko yaad kar lete hain ti kabhi aur kisi ko… lekin such to yaehi hai…aaj desh aap ko shradhanjali de raha hain because today is the “Marteyr’s Day”..

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