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Team Anna and alegations..

Posted by on April 26, 2012

“Team Anna loses its Muslim face” that was the news which flashed in the headlines. Mufti Shameem Kazmi resignated from the team alleging that team Anna has lost its Muslim face and there was no place for him. He also alleged that the team Anna has turned “anti-Muslim”.

When team started its movement the allegations were made by the ruling party that there are nexus between team Anna and RSS. Then came the so called relation with the opposition party BJP and now the charges are it has become anti Muslim.

This is the mean and low level thinking which has become always an obstacle of any movement, either the Indian struggle movement in the past or the various movements which created an great impact after the independence. What strong decision the Muslim League took in those days we all know it. The small doubt and suspicion was converted into a mass movement and it ended into the partition of our country. The country has been also the witness of hatred and madness which killed thousands and thousands of people from both side.

The conflict between Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar and Mahatma Gandhi is known to us. Mahatma Gandhi opposed the demand of separate electoralates provision. Then later on The “Poona Pact” was signed and Gandhi took back his long fast.

Though such past incidents are there, we have not given up the same old way of thinking and attitude. Being a secular country we are unable to think above the level of personal grievances, caste, creeds and religion. The people have not developed the habit of patience and contemplation. Before doing any thing we are not thinking and contemplating on the higher level or for the sake of nation. When we work for the noble cause there should be no place for such personal grievances and conflicts.

Corruption is not problem of any community, religion or sector. It has become our national problem and so it has to be sorted out keeping in mind the national interest. When we relate such things to such a huge cause the integrity and its confidentiality is thrown in doubts. Today might be many people are in doubts about the credential and the working style of team Anna. The way the common people came up forgetting the differences of everything and supported team Anna, is a prime example of our unity and oneness. We never thought about that is only for the Hindu, Muslims or any other religion. It was just the movement which was started by an India and we supported only as we are Indians. We all are suffering the problem and we want to sort out our problem. This is the only aim and it should not be diverted from this one common goal of all Indians, we want a corruption free India and so we must support the movement. So stop such things which malign the image of our nation.


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