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Government’s “Operation” on Doctors….

Posted by on April 24, 2012

The government has declared that any doctor going to US for higher studies would have to sign a bond with it before leaving and honour the document by returning to India after finishing the study period. The government has claimed that in the last three years 3000 doctors went abroad and didn’t return. This step is taken in order to restore the good and quality doctors in the country.

India is spending just 1% of the total GDP compare to the developed nations who spend near about 12 to 13% of their total GDP. Considering the population  India needs 6 lackhs doctors, lackhs of nurses and properly trained medical staff.

This is what the picture is.. the other side is the government has not paid due attention towards the rural development. The rural areas lack proper infrastructure like roads, lights, hospitals, equipments and the medicines. Every time the poor man is running towards the city or town to get the best medical services. The improper infrastructure of rural areas has forced many doctors to start their practices in the towns and cities. Though the rural entrepreneurship is compulsory for the MBBS students, after that the new and young doctors are unwilling to go to the rural areas. This is not the only the doctors who are practicing privately. In many government hospitals we can find the poor health facilities are still going on. There is a scarcity of doctors in the civil hospitals because no one is interested to practice in such condition where there are inadequate facilities. And the other thing is every doctor wants good practice! What the doctor wants… the doctor wants good practice and good return in the form of money!.

The other point is why the doctors only be signing the bonds?… the engineers and the MBA’s who get the opportunity in the colleges like IIT”S and IIM’s and they show their back to the nation when they are also going abroad. The government spends corers of rupees on them and in return gets only a “Thumb Up”.. in hindi “Thenga Dikhana”.

If we think deeply this is the same scenario in every sector. Primary education, education in rural areas… where the schools are there but the teachers are not ready to work, if the teacher is there he has to handle more than 3 to 4 classes each time…. though the program is “Each one Teach One’… it is “Each one teaches so many”… hospitals are there but the doctors nahi hain,…. doctors hain par duty par nahi hain…. marij hain to hospitals nahi and hospitals hain to marij nahi… this is what “Shining India”… roads are there but street lamps nahi… bijli hain to pani nahi… pani hain to bijli nahi… sab kuch chalta hain… and still “India is shining”…

The basic mistake we committed after the independence that we negalected the villages and the development process started from top to down.. hamne ulti Ganga bahane ki koshish ki… and the result is in front of us… meter hain par chalete nahi.. nal hain to pani nahi..

The another fact is India is just the suppliers of “intellect”.. hame dusro ki chakri karana achcacha lagta hain… we feel proud to do the work outside and agar wohi kaam yaha karne ko bolenge to hamari shaan aade aati hain…

It is not only the case of signing the bond but the government must start to develop the good infrastructure in the rural areas.. give the good atmosphere, good facility, good salary package, definitely the all will work here only.. in the end sab ko apani mitti pyari hoti hain..

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