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Ek Chithi Maa Ke Naam…

Posted by on April 24, 2012

Dear Mom,

I know how you would be feeling lonely without me. It is difficult to say anything about your loss and what I too had lost is the precious “Life”. Why this happened I don’t know but a mother had lost her son and a son his everything. The grief in such an old age for you is inexpressible !.. I know at every moment you will remember me. You would be always in the flood of remembrance. What the destiny has brought before you and me.

When I left India I was so happy.. I left you and India with lot of dreams.. It was a dream to fly high and high… it was dream to jump to catch the goal.. it was a big leap for me.. a leap from imagination to reality.. I wanted to shape my career … I wanted to return back to you all the happiness that you expected from me. I wanted to give you the gifts against the all odds and struggle you and papa had only for me.

I have seen your struggle and sacrifices when you decided to take care of my dreams.. I was the only person who had gone through your pain and troubles.. I am the witness for all your strife and hard time.. I became more determined and was full of conviction…I wished to be a good son… coming back and returning all things which you all expected.. but alas! The destiny had always something hidden for you… you cannot expect such things to happened… why the unknown people killed me?… what mistake which i committed.. they have not killed me but they have killed three lives at one time.

Without me your life is meaning less… you and papa both have to fight once again but the cause and reason is different… now you would have to overcome with the grief and sorrow.. but Mom, remember one thing accept this reality now that I am not with you… but my soul remains always with you… I love you very much… try to find out the ways so that you once again stand with the tough time. There are many people who have gone through this phase of life… take inspiration from them and try to live with the circumstances that you are facing now….you cannot escape…now you have more responsibility… you have to take care of papa also.. don’t give up mom, stop shading tears… how long you would cry?… your tears are still precious for me…. life is going on and it must go…just to say “The Show must go on”….

Mom, away from you thousands and thousands miles I always dreamed for coming back to you and my motherland… but the dream passed away with me now. Why we are targeted? it’s a question to think about…. only because we Indian are proving our potentiality in the foreign countries and are more capable of doing the work than others or it is because of any hatred for us as India… the incidents of attack on the Indians are day by day increasing.. we are scholars .. but if we wished to make our future bright is it wrong?.. are they afraid of us? Or are they afraid of competition?.. or this is because of only certain madness?.. these thoughts are might be in every one’s mind..

As Indian you can all think for the reasons… can we have any solutions for stopping this madness… why the opportunities are not made available to us in India so that we can learn and utilize our own knowledge foe the betterment of our it is  high time to think.. the government, people, society and the youngsters… but one thing is bitter that when such incidents are there it is not the death of a son or daughter it the death of a family… death of trust and confidence and death of relationship.. those who are doing these things remember… if you kill one person means you will have the crime of killing so many people and things… what more I can say Mom..

Pray so that my soul would remain in peace and tranquillity.. and in the heaven also i would like to pray to the God that give strength and courage to my mom and papa so that they can stand together to show the world that they are bold and stiff.. !

Your loving Son

One Response to Ek Chithi Maa Ke Naam…

  1. Rajeshwari.C

    A mother’s dream

    She knew it was inevitable, his growing up and becoming a man,
    And when he had insisted on attending a college out of India,,
    She expected it would be harder to make him live according to her plan,
    But never had she imagined at his young age he would suffer this horrible fate.

    For a mother, there would no loss greater than losing a grown up son. A mother’s shattered dream reminds me of the song from movie “Khel Khel me”Sapna mera toot gaya,tu na raha ab, kuch na raha……………..


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