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My Dear Father..

Posted by on April 20, 2012

The man who brutally killed his three-month-old daughter for not being a boy.                         

Hang baby’s dad, say city’s Muslim leaders

Jumma Masjid Imam wishes the man could be stoned so that ‘he knows the pain of burning a young child with a cigarette’

‘I wish we could stone him to death,” said Imam Abdul Khader   Shah of Jumma Masjid, Bangalore’s oldest mosque, of

“Even animals protect their children. There can be no forgiveness for this crime.

Children are God’s gift and we have to accept them irrespective of gender. This man not only killed a child, but also ruined the lives of two women. How long can we stay silent and watch women being treated this way,” the Imam asked.

We are screaming about the decreasing sex ratio in Punjab, Haryana and other states and yet, our girl child is not safe in her own home,” he said.

It is the cruelest thing any human being can do.

Wish Afreen, Falak were as lucky as Sofi Sara

When Sara was found wailing near a garbage bin, an NGO came forward to take care of her. While she was being treated at hospital, Stella turned up there. It was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

My Dear Father..

I am writing this to you as today I am totally heartbroken. Papa, today I was watching a programme on “Discovery” channel I saw how the penguins take care of their young ones. I was amazed and thrilled to see their pain and efforts. On the other hand I saw the news a baby was killed by the father not being a boy. I was so upset that I started writing my thoughts.

This letter is my anguish cry at what is going on in today’s society. Yes Papa, I think we still are living in the old and orthodox society. You think Papa, our ways of living and thoughts have not changed at all. It is said that education makes a man wiser and rational. But papa are we living in the rational society? .

In the school we are taught that we all have equal rights then why such things prevail in our society? Sometimes it is Falak, sometimes Sara and sometimes other.. only the name changes. The baby who died in Banglore.. so young to know even the outside world. Why the society hate the girl child? Is their any solid reason? Can you explain me Papa?.

At home i have seen you worshiping goddesses durga during Durga Pooja.. you, mother and even grand mother always teach me that she is the symbol of ‘Power”.. she has always saved the world from all odds and evils. Then why papa the society is full of hatred?. Are we not human beings papa?

Papa, the girls have proved their metal and they are also full of right stuff.. the great Napoleon has said “Give me a mother I will give you a good country”.. She is the person who can bring change. Change is the symbol of life and growth. But is our society changing? Or it is only the change towards modernity but not the change of mind and attitude?. I am totally confused papa.

Papa, when these things are going to be stopped?. Papa have we forgotten our broad and civilised culture where a girl or a woman was treated with respect and love and admiration. It was the age of real development when the girl or a woman enjoyed equal rights.. why we have forgotten that it was the great Laxmibai who fought with the British ‘Khoob ladhi  mardani wo toJhansi wali rani thi’ if we read this poem by Subhadra Chauhan still we can realized the might and courage of that great woman. I am thrilled always to read the poem. Then why such things are happening papa?Indira Ganghi, Kalpana Chawala, Anjali Bhagwat, P T Usha, Sunita Williams many many examples are in front of us to show the girl can do anything. A country where the first lady that is the President is also a woman, in such country the girls are killed. Why papa?

Papa I am so afraid and I want to ask you at least, I would get a chance to grow or not?. I don’t want anything papa but I want to live..enjoy and learn the essence of life. I don’t have bigger wishes but I want to live according to my will… I have a dream…will I get a chance to fulfil my dream?… i want to dance.. I want to fly.. alone in the sky but still I want to declare my presence to the world…papa I want to see the world… I want to touch the woods and velvety flowers… I want to experience the pain of thorns… I want to enjoy the songs of birds.. papa I want to wake up at the call of cock…I want to listen the chirping of birds…I want to become butterfly and wander every where… i want to become stream…and i want to become a light to erase the darkness which is around..these are my small wishes …can it be possible for you to give me the gift.. that is “The gift of Life”

Your Daughter






2 Responses to My Dear Father..

  1. rajesh

    Its really a heart touching and painful article……

  2. Mrs.Rajeshwari.C

    Excellent article. Literally my eyes became moist. Soul touching. It’s a fact and not a fiction.It’s an eye opener to each and every individual. The hand that rocks the cradle, the procreator, the mother of tomorrow; a woman shapes the destiny of civilization. Such is the tragic irony of fate, that a beautiful creation such as the girl child is today one of the gravest concerns facing humanity.


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