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20.YES! WE CAN..

Posted by on March 20, 2012

The problems that we are facing are not the myth but reality, which is threatening our existences.  Through this project once again we reopened the doors of love, affection, care, brotherhood unity and peace.We came forward and took steps to learn with technology and ideology .  “Survival of the fittest” said Darwin, the “fit’ here should be taken as adaptive for better and being able to manage change. The schools should modify their internal environment in such a way that they are able to handle the change that is inevitable and desirous for all. Availability of knowledge and easy as well as quick electronic means of transformation of knowledge has changed the entire concept of education.If we must live in the changing world, the entire concept of schooling will have to be transformed. Change cannot be introduced in bits and pieces but will have to systematically planned, foreseeing the hindrances that one may overcome. Shree Gattu Vidyalaya is committed towards creating and sustaining a competitive school which always takes initiatives for modern and value based education. The school has set up a Language lab, Maths lab and a e- learning centre. The school has received a grant from hp . The school participated in the 2009 HP innovations in Education Program.As a part of this program the school has received a technology bundle of 32 high end Workstations.We have used development in IT virtualization to create 66 Terminals in a cost effective way.

It is rightly said,

“When planning for a year,

             plant corn,

When planning for a decade,

            plant trees,

When planning for life,

           train and educate people”

One hand we learnt the 21st century skills like critical thinking, creativity, communication skills and on the other hand we tried to learn the principles of Mahatma Gandhi, through this program we also learnt to take care of our environment. We realized that only being aware will not be enough, but we all have to take part i.e., Think Green, Act Green and Live Green.  We have to accept the reality that we live in separate nations but ultimately we are ‘ One people one planet !








Through this project we made the people aware and forced them to think for adapting simple things in life. That’s what Gandhiji had said, ‘Live Simple’. We are proud to be a part of this program. We realized that ‘The Mahatma was always so near to us…. But we left him so far’…. This mistake was ours ! Gandhism is not merely a political or economic theory, it aims at not only the political or economic theory, it aims at not only the political and economic emancipation of man, but also his social and moral rehabilitation and cultural renaissance. It is an all- pervading philosophy of life that the father of nation prescribed for the malady that iseating up the vitals of our nation. To the extent we inIndiain particular strict to be loyal to his teachings and ideals we would prove ourselves true to him and worthy of his rich legacy.










3 Responses to 20.YES! WE CAN..

  1. Kalyankumarchatterjee

    The project conceived , learning 21st century skills while taking lessons from the life of Gandhiji ,is a good project and result, receiving a gift of 32nos. workstations from hp ,is a proof of appeciation to the efforts.Congratulations to all the members involved in the project.The concept of learning through project work is more practical and relevant to the modern day value added learning environment.

  2. manju ruj

    Too good & inspiring articles… Nice feeling to read this.. So We all must say “YES! WE CAN……” Keep it up varsha mam…….:):) My very best wishes from my family for this…

  3. Mrs.Rajeshwari.C

    Dear Varsha
    I appreciate your effort to gain insight into such thought provoking articles which will shape up the young minds. Such articles will create lot of awareness among the youth. It will ignite the young minds. This article is the blend of both modern and tradition. It’s like a homeopathy treatment. To initiate behaviour will take sometime.


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