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Posted by on March 17, 2012
Dr. Anshu Tewari, Principal

Principal’s Speech


Eternal Gandhi

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi spent his entire life striving for  peace, non-violence and equality amongst races, countries and classes. His doctrine of non-violent action had a profound influence on many people of not just his time, but also on many generating to come.

Today the ways and means used by Mr. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, have become more relevant than ever before not only in India but the world over. The year 2011 Witnessed various protest in the Arab spring saw people dismantling tyrannical regimes in Egypt. India saw an upsurge against corruption. It is important to note that how it was  concerning common people can turn into peaceful mass movement (forcing Mubarak to step down) A non violent revolution is not a program of ‘seizure of power, but it is a program of transformation of relationships. Martin Luther was inspired to lead non violent protest in America against discrimination.

Many of Gandhijis ideas are note worthy, and revolutionary. They grew out a creative mind which were generated by the challenges of  his time and his earnestness to cope with those challenges.

So today when the world is facing economic bankruptcy  I feel Gandhiji’s economic aspiration can help to tied over the problem.

The social goal which Gandhiji proposed ‘Sarvodaya’ after paraphasing. John Ruskin’s Un to the Last has a story base today also. He regarded human nature as fundamentally right and virtuous. All individuals are capable of moral development. This idea was adopted by Vinoba Bhave and Jay Prakash Narayan in India. Today when every individual and society is undergoing gradual, moral evoluation we need to have strong guiding force.

We can say Gandhian philosophy is a double edged weapon. It’s adjective is to transform the individual and society simultaneously.Infact,  now that his philosophy can give us direction and mould our thinking. The society at  large is looking for ways and means to get a guide line for the youth, Amongst whom conflict is inevitable.  We have lot of instances where misguided youth is turning towards violence.  “Liberation from violent society is the need of the hour.The childhood is the right time when their thoughts can be molded. So I feel the schools should take up the responsibility of ‘Taking Mahatma To Children’.

Beyond Security

 Towards peace (Article from Times of India)

[The nuclear security summit in Seoul will strive to make the world a safer place]

The threat of nuclear terrorism is not just a mirage of round less fear but a stark reality that we all face today. The possibility of nuclear terrorism has become convincing all the more after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001.

 Against this backdrop, President Mr. Barack Obama delivered a speech in April 2009 in Prague, urging the world to come together to prevent nuclear terrorism. The first nuclear security summit was held in Washington, DC in April 2010 and now Seoul hosts the second summit. All leaders attending the summit will strive to strengthen international standards and promote international collaboration for nuclear security.

Even thought we have made remarkable achievements on the economic   front, more significant developments have been made on the strategic and security front. Global peace and security are critical to achieve global economic prosperity, in the absence of a secured environment, economic well-being would be unattainable and vice versa. Seoul nuclear security summit will deliberate on how to make the world safe from nuclear and radio logical terrorism. It is our hope that the summit will contribute towards realizing humanity’s dream of a peaceful world by steering the global focus beyond security toward peace.

[Article by – Kim Joong Keun – the ambassador of the Republic of Korea to India]






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