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Posted by on March 17, 2012

The team wanted to know about the views and opinion of parents. A set of question was prepared. The team talked with the parents and they got a good reponse.


1. What they think about Mahtma Gandhiji’s Principles ?

2. Why they like him ?

3.  Which quality they like the most ?

4.  Which quality they wanted to teach their child ?

5. Can Mahatma Gandhiji’s way would change the situation.



1.  Gandhiji was a true servant of humanity.

2.  Due to Gandhiji’s efforts. India got independence.

3.   Simplicity and bortherhood.

4.  Honesty, non-violence.

5.  Yes.


1.  Yes, Mahatma’s principles one needed because the need peace in the world and to improve the relation with other countries.

2. Because they do the thing in a peaceful and non-violent  manner.

3. Their behaviour and their personality.

4.  Not to fight and always take path of truth.

5.   Yes, but everyone should co-operate then it would be possible.


1.  Gandhji’s principles are difficult to follow and it demands great determination and dedication.

2. Gandhj was liked because his simplicity , leadership , truth and non-violence.

3. Gandhiji’s quality of adherence to truth, non-violence, use of home made things, fight for justice and rights are liked by everyone.

4.  Every child should learn to speak truth, avoid violence, fighting spirit for justice and rights.

5.   Yes , definitely Gandhiji’s way change the situation, people will be much more happy,  satisfied secured and safe.


1.  Good

2.  Like him because he didn’t discriminate any one the basis of religious caste.

3. Simple living high thinking.

4. Want teach the quality of truth and non-violence.

5.  Yes, his way would change the present …………..


1. They think that Mahatma Gandhiji’s principle ( truth and non-violence) should be spread in our country and peace should be mainted.

2. They like him because he had done good works for our country.

3.  The quality they like the most was the simple life of Gandhiji.

4. They want to teach the quality of saying truth always.

5.  Yes, Gandhiji’s way would change the situation if all the people of nation are ready.


1. They are universal principles.

2.  I like him because of his simplicity.

3.  Simplicity and way of teaching.

4. Patience, simplicity his kind nature.

5. Not in today’s world because today non-violence would not help to change the today’s ituation.


1.  I think he was always on the way of truth and non-violence and which was very difficult for a person to achieve and walk on that way.

2. Because they always lived their life keeping in mind the position of the poor people and also he gave us the freedom. He was really a simple man.

3.Their quality of truth and non-violence I like the most.

4. The quality to live simple life and speaking always the truth I want to teach my ward.

5. 50 % condition can be change if people follow Gandhiji’s way.


1. Mahatma Gandhi’s way of non-violence and truth are very good. Any person can achieve any desired goal with his principles.

2. They like him because he spent his whole life working for others and did not think of his needs. He worked for the incoming generation.

3. Dedication and Devotion.

4. They want to make their child learn speak the truth always, determination , self-confidence and love for others.

5. Yes, in this world of globalization and even in this computerized world, any goal can be achieved by simple, truth and non-violent way of Gandhiji.

Name :- Hemlatta Rathod

1.  Mahatma Gandhi inspired the world with his faith in truth and justice for all the mankind. He was a great soul who loved even those who fought against his ideals to bring about peace with non-violence.

2. From Mahatma Gandhi I liked the power to change our self. “You must be the change   you want to see the world”.

3.  Forgive and let it go.   See the good in people and help them>
4. From Mahatma Gandhiji I  want good leader, listener, intelligence. alertness, love, truth, non-violence, struggle, faith in power , fearlessness in my child.

5.  Yes, “There are no limits to our capacities”. May God give us the strength to under take  new lives of non-violent love with the same conviction he had.




We are thankful to all the students, teachers and our Principal  Dr. Anshu Tewari, She is always a source of inspiration to all of us. Our coach Mrs. Varsha Pargat proved to be really a guide and encouraged us.

–           This project was learning process. I really like the journey of repeating history. I came to know about many things related with Mahatma Gandhi Specially  I like the Dandi March.

–           It was a memorable experience. I would not forget this event, which has changed my attitude and behaviour. I have become conscious and responsible. I am trying to keep my efforts for neat and clean environment. The visit to villages was an eye opener as I closely saw the life of village people.

–           Normally all the people, leaders like to give suggestions and advices, but I find it difficult to put rightly my action when I was on for the awareness campaign. I am really thankful to my coach and school for giving me a chance. I am proud to be a part of this project.

–           The project was innovative and interesting. It generated lot of positive things for the first time I was totally involved in reading books and completing my work give to me with in the aloted time. I think what I learnt is to complete the work within time and second to work with team spirit.

The project has developed confidence in me and I learn to believe in myself and have faith on noble things. I liked all the articles which we read daily on the life of Mahatma Gandhi. We have learnt the values which were never touched by us. We lived with past and present. It was a great combination of history and technology.

We promise to keep our efforts :

The whole team worked with definite goal. We achieved two things and still has to be achieved a lot. We would like to keep our words and action together in future also where the school will be a platform for building character and a great nation- We always work with SCORE




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