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Jab We “Met”……

Posted by on January 23, 2012

The strong desire and wish sometimes work out. My visit to Banglore
was the most memorable one… we got a chance to meet and interact with the
great man and philanthropic Mr. Azim Premji and the great writer Ruskin
Bond…. but it was beyond  that…. why?
I can’t explain but it was a trip exploring myself and the rest of the world.

Rajeshwari Chandrashekhar

We all have seen the movie “The Baby’s Day Out”…  just like that it was “A lady’s Day Out”…the
whole day I enjoyed a lot and obviously it was my friend Rajeshwari…. who
added flavour to my visit. I was not so close to her before when she worked
along with me in the school. Initially I was little bit hesitant but the way
she took care and greeted me, changed my opinion.

I peeped in her world… the world of “Chandrashekharan’s
Rajeshwari”…. she has her own views and thoughts about every thing. She is
getting the ideas as it clicks…. above all she is adorable and kind hearted.
Being a teacher she has the capacity to develop the thinking process and
thinking beyond the “Classroom”. When we talked about schools she said “the
schools are just like IT offices but we have to find the IQ of students….
there are no playgrounds in the school so the students neither play nor they go
to the grounds… she mentioned the fact that in Banglore one ground is shared
by many schools around.

When we discussed about the vanishing morals in the
school… she commented “We have kept “M” in the pocket and now we are doing
every thing orally”. I think she has mentioned the fact of today’s world. The “M”
factor can be “Money”…. we all are running behind it…in her words to say ‘The
whole thing is that “Sabse Bada Rupaia”…then I interpreted “M” as “Mass”…
we have become the part of mass… we don’t  do anything different neither we encouraged
the children for that because we want a safe side.

So in today’s world we have kept open two things “Money” and
“Mass”…and so the life has become competitive….and another “M” factor is
added to our life that is “Misery”… we have made this world full of such “M”
and the missing “M” is the “Man” within ourselves…


2 Responses to Jab We “Met”……

  1. Mrs.Rajeshwari.C

    Waw! great Varsha. Aap ne tho Barasdhi. Aap log jo Gattu ka naam roshan kar raghe ho,uske samne tho my service is squirrel service. Your visit was a perfume whose fragrance is still all around my home.
    “Uparwala jinko khoon ke rishto me,
    baandhana bhooljata hai………
    Unhe DOST banakar apni galti,
    sudhar leta hai………..”

  2. aarti

    hi varsha, gr8. ur contributing so much to d society.i really appriciate nd congratulate u for d same.nd hope sum day i’ll also follow ur path. thanks for inspiring everybody.

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