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The Race has begun…

Posted by on January 5, 2012

Though the election commission has declared elections in few states like Uttarakhand and U.P. the main target would be the UttarPradesh. Since long time U.P. has been the hypo centre whenever elections are considered.  It has been the “Main Adda” for all the parties.

U.P. has seen many protests and rallies and was the centre of change. When it was “Ram Mandir” abhiyan or “Mandal Ayog” the change started from U.P. For this reason all political parties are putting their 110% in the election. Saam, daam, dand, bhed all tactics are practiced over there. Sab ki naak ka sawal hota hain.

Every party has its own propaganda and the secret tactics to handle the elections. Is bar ladai bahut kathin hain. Samajwadi Party has jumped with “Kranti Yatra”… BJP has already completed “Jan Chetna Yatra”… Congress with its trump card… Rahul Gandhi has been doing “Pad Yatra”. In fact U.P. is the most favourite place for “Yatra”. Jise dekho woh yatra par nikal padta hain.

In all such yatras the common man ki yatra [progress ki] wahi se shuru ho kar wahi khatam ho jati hain… Uski to roj hi nayi yatra hoti hain. From office to house and from house to office… bechara usi mein hi fasa hota hain…

Because he knows very well that chahe koi bhi aaye uski takdir ya fir desh ki takdir thodi na change hogi?. The common man is looking towards his own job, busisness, security and his own family. The common has become udasin… he is least interested in election… the people who are educated, literate they don’t go out to vote… because he thinks that kisko vote du?… sabhi ek jaise hain.

This time it would be tough challenge for Mayawati. As the state has witnessed the increase in number of crime, murder and rapes she has to tackle the situation with the increasing protest by the opposition parties. Corruption charges on her and ministers is also a major concern for her. But still Mayawati  is advertising her graph of achievements that her government is “Sarvajan Hitaya”.

Along with mayawati Rahul Gandhi and Akhileshsingh Yadav are in the race… Can they create magic?. The “Padyatra Mohim” by Rahul Gandhi is going to help them ?…. some one has joked Rahul Gandhi has decided to start “Padyatra” because they thought  Jab “Haath” se kuch nahi ho saka to “Pyer” se kar ke dekh lete hain.

Akhileshsingh Yadav maidan mein utare hain. Taking the dream of modern U.P… woh apni cycle par chalenge…. and ab progress ki speed kaisi aur kitni hongi ?  this we don’t know. Lekin chahe jo bhi sarkar bane…. real maja to janta ko hi aane wala hain. All the big leaders will treat them like bhagvan.. malik… kabhi haath to kabhi pyer jodkar… mitha mitha bolkar… vade kar karke… sapane bechkar…. sab apni kismet dav par lagayenge … the game has started… and we are asking

“Kaun Banega Kursipati?”….

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