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Can we cross the barrier ?

Posted by on December 26, 2011

I think why we fell to enjoy and progress in life because we have drawn certain barriers and lines around us. We are living within that limitations and are very satisfied with that.

A very simple example is as a teacher, how we can define ourselves and put stag on ourselves ! Being a subject teacher we never see beyond that. But we feel happy to say that ‘this is not my subject’. This topic is not related with Science or English or any other subject….

Many have said that knowledge is vast and its boundaries are expanding. So in today’s fast techno world, when education is also revolving around it then how a teacher can say that any certain topic belongs to him and or not ?

I think this is one of the way to escape from the work. I think we put such ‘Lakshman Rekha’ every where…. me…. my world…. my family…. my work…. my society…. everything resolves around ‘Me and Mine’.

Breaking ‘Me and Mine’ definitely will open the doors of happiness and joy. We will feel that as if we are standing in front of huge and vast divine knowledge. This realization ultimately is giving us sense of oneness with nature, God or anything that we do. Then we cut down our feelings. We are nothing in front of nature, knowledge or God…. but the real questions are – can we break the barriers ?

Do come forward

to break the ‘buts’ and ‘ought’s’

feel free and enjoy

expanding knowledge & thoughts

Time is fleeting

very little time left behind

be courageous & cross it

to come out of ‘Me and Mine’.


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