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Fulfill My Wish Santa..

Posted by on December 24, 2011

The messenger of God, love and happiness is going to knock on the doors of everyone’s house. For
the whole year we all are eagerly waiting for the messenger and to spread the
happiness  in the world. It is said that Santa Claus is fulfilling every
wish. So I also want to take a chance and ask for something.

I want to become a drop of water and mingle into the holy river Ganges, so that I can wipe
out the sins of people. I want to wipe out the single drop of tear which fell
down from anybody’s eyes… I wish to become dew drops which shine in the
morning and spread happiness and joy at least for some moments…

I pray the messenger to fulfil my desire of becoming leaf…so that I can raise hopes in
the minds which have lost faith…. I want to be driven away by wind like
pollen grains and spread the fragrance of joy and happiness…

I wish to be clouds and showering rain… where the people feel there is no chance of any
change… I want to become the spring season to inspire the people with the
message “When winter comes can Spring be far behind?”..

I wish to become wind and play the flute with melody, harmony and peace… I want to
quench the thirst of people by becoming small stream and I want to fly higher and
higher encouraging the people to dream..and dream..

I know my list is long but these are my small wishes and I request the messenger.. when he will knock my
door please fill my bag with all these gifts that I want from you..hope fully I
will wake up saying with these gifts  “Jingle bell jingle bell…”

One Response to Fulfill My Wish Santa..

  1. hema

    ma’am bahut achchi wishes hai.

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