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A Profession in turmoil…..

Posted by on March 5, 2011

Teaching profession is not an attraction for today’s young generation. The young one’s look forward to so far a very high profile job with nice package of salary. Though many factors are responsible for such dismay still we can find many teachers working selflessly in spite of troubles and difficulties. The way we progressed has left certain lacuna to get two different angled situations. The Primary education still has to be improved and we have high tech good colleges. We basically lack a good infrastructure, quality teachers, healthy environment and a positive support both from the society and the government.

India has emerged a superpower in intellectual field but teaching profession is in turmoil. We are the intellectual suppliers to the developed countries but we are fighting against drop outs from schools, lack of teachers, illiteracy and as such many other odd one’s. India is blooming in economical and industrial sector. According to the demand and necessity we have made tremendous progress in the field of higher education. We have some outstanding colleges and universities, establishing their own identity all over the world.

The problem lies with the development of many government and private schools where we can see the poor and pitiable condition. Even today the teacher is handling more than one class. The teacher is overloaded with other official work. In villages and remote areas the school has no proper infrastructure. The parents are reluctant to send their child in school as it is a matter of their earning sources. “Education with food” programme is running over in the villages and other schools still the basic need is creating interest in the minds of children and the people.

The main aspect is the salary structure. Though the government has improved the salary structure, in many private schools the teachers are working with low salary. In today’s inflation it has become a matter of survival. This has resulted into other way of earning – private tuitions and classes. Education has become a business. This has changed the combination of education and imparting knowledge.

If we always talk about different new skills while teaching, the teacher has to implement. Modern technology no doubt can provide us a better atmosphere but the teacher is the epicentre. To change the present scenario the demanding task is to provide good, attractive salary. Few of the schools might have taken steps towards this direction but it is a taunting job to attract today’s young ones.

We have to prove them that this job is also challenging as the child is aware about the modernization. He can get any information at the click of his finger. This is the challenge for us to divert the minds of the students so that they can enjoy while learning. When I asked once in the class about the student’s ambition, everyone was saying to be a doctor, an engineer, manager but not a single child said that he wants to be a teacher.

Teaching profession has a noble cause but this situation and the mind set has to be changed. If we don’t start now the future is predictable. We have to take few critical, analytical actions to prepare ourselves, removing the complexities; application with concrete steps can take us in a right direction.

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