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Loading and Unloading of work…

Posted by on December 24, 2011

“It’s alwaysa fun to work” but might be for someone it can be boring, uninspiring,
pressure, tension and tiresome. The list of such adjectives is endless but many
of us can take it as joy.

When we take anything as fun and joy it becomes easy to do it. Somebody has rightly said “enjoy
whatever you do”. It’s only possible when it comes from the bottom of our
heart. Putting heart in anything   always helps us to live better life… a life
to cheer and it is a moment to cherish.

In today’s hard and competitive life it is difficult but it is not impossible. Somehow we
have to change our mind set and take up everything one by one. Everything never
comes to us as a whole but as we expect fast so we suffer. We are sad and

I remember few lines. Once a man prayed the God, “Oh! God please give me everything
to enjoy my life”. The God laughed and said, “My dear I have given you life to
enjoy everything”. That is the secret of life. So on account of Christmas let
us pray together to the god to give such strength and character so that we can
live happily and “Zindagi na milegi duabara” bas yahi saach hein… baki sab

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