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The Making of “Annagiri”….

Posted by on August 28, 2011

A turning point in Indian history and the new dawn of real
democracy. This is what we were all expecting and waiting for more than 65
years of independence.  Ek sadharansa
insaan.. belonging to a small village , he saw.. he wished … and he wins…
and he has won, is the heart of Indains… jo kisi neta ne bhi nanhi kar dikhaya
vo Anna ne karke dikhaya…

Anna has taught us so many things. He has taught us what is
the real taste of “Loktantra”. He has shown us how to fight with the injustice
with non violent and peaceful way. He has changed the definition of “leader”..
in a true manner he has become a leader of nation.

Anna came from such a small village that nobody was knowing
first but now the village name is on everybody’s lips, It has become pilgrimage
for us. In the beginning nobody had thought about such massive and positive
support from the people. But Anna has shaken the conscience of the people and
the anger of the people came outside in the form of peaceful protest and

The people who were just “viewers” they came outside the
houses and became a part of protest. Every one is looking for a change and want
a better environment to live. The young ones, the old, women, men and children
also became a part of this movement and that the pressure was developed on the
government to take the decision and that is what the real democracy came alive.
This is the real face of India. We have realised our strength and power and now
we will have to put together our efforts up to the end.

Anna has become a idea and thought for todays generation. A
simple man came forward, his ideals and principles were inspired by Swami
Vivekananda and Mahatma Gandhi… he is honest, humble but he is strong and
bold, he is soft spoken and open hearted but he knows very well how to be tough
with tough people… Anna and his idea is working together and we people are
making “Annagiri”


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