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Muh mein Ram …

Posted by on August 24, 2011

In the end all political party meeting took the decision of
handing the Jan Lok Pal Bill to the standing committe and now it will carry out
its research and study for three months.

Out side the meeting all the party leaders were accepting
that they want to curb corruption but they didn’t put it commonly and strongly
when they were asked to suggest and to decide on the issue. Aakhir khane ke daat
kuch aur hote hain aur dikhane ke kuch aur.

The government and all party leaders appealed to Anna to
break the fast as now Anna has been fasting from last ten days. What can be the
hypocrisy that when a person is fasting from nine days and the whole country
withstands   him in such high and serious situation the
government arranged a  dinner party at
the Prime Ministers house.

It is really a shame for the government and it also shows the
real face of our dirty politics. Chahe Anna ho ya aur koyi… hum sirf rajniti
karna jante hain. The politicians only knows one language of vote and mere

Not a single party came forward and supported Anna’s demand.
Sab Sansad ki garima aur Sansad ki maryada ki baat karte hain. When these
politicians misbehave in the parliament tab Sansad ki garima inko yaad nahi
aati?.. when some one comes in the parliament “note for vote” then unko Sansad
ki garima yaad nahi aati? And Parliament par terrorists attack hone ke baad bhi
the accused and the culprits are still alive tab inki sansad ki garima kaha
jati hain?

And when these leaders are involved in corruption tab unko
janta ki yaad aati hain?… Yah log to Shahido ke chita ke upar bhi apni roti
sek lete hain… so what’s the use of such representatives?.. they are there
because we have sent them… aab hume hi inko saabak sikhana hain.. use our
strength.. don’t vote to such people who are listening to our voice… sab ke
sab sudhar jayan ge..

Anna’s condition is not good but still the government is not
ready to take a firm step.. sare party wale Anna se appeal kar rahe hain ki
Anshan tod de but kisi ne bhi yaha decision nahi liya ki government’s Lok Pal
Bill must be cancelled.. This what we call Muh mein Ram and bagal mein churi…

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