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Anna ki Team Badi AAge..

Posted by on August 23, 2011



Anna Hazare… team Anna is proceeding forward with amazing support by the people and this has given energy and strength to Anna who is on fast from eight days…


In England team India is heading back from top position to the third one..Kamyabi se ab nakamyabi mein badal gayi hain…


Anna Ki Team Badi Aage..

Aur Team India wale Muh Chhipake Bhage…

Anna And his team is proceeding with their fixed agenda and
plan. Anna has been very firm on his terms and condition and he has got
tremendous support from the people. The people of India has shown that they are
able to protest and can give support to a leaders like Anna Hazare.

Now the government has to decide how to react. We know now they
are at the backfoot the way the people and Anna are proceeding forward. Anna
has completed his eight days of fast but still he is strong and bold. This is
giving energy both to Anna and the people.

Anna and his team has raised the spirit on India and now we
all are looking for a change that we are expecting. Lets pray together to God
to give strength to Anna and his team and at the same time to the Prime
Minister and his team to take the decision as early as possible.



Team India lekar aayi Haar…

Shame on team India who has broken record that is defeat in
such manner… the team never looked like masters and it was only the flop show
in each and every department… neither the bat showed the performance nor the
ball.. we felt as if team was only for the entertainment of the opposition…
woh log bhahot khush ho gaye honge…

Vo to team India  ka thoda
bahut nasib achha hai ki hum Anna ke support aur aadandolan mein hain varna to
people have started the protest with banners and hum log to sabke putle jalana
chalu kar dete.. team India ko Annaji ko thanks bolna chahiye..

Now the real baat.. think for the defeat and try to find out
the reasons for such white wash in the Indian cricket history. Now the BCCI
must think about such bad performances.. when they win it gives the amount
and cash award as reward.. but now what about the defeat?.. kya vo players ke
fees aur facilities ko Cut karenge…

And if they cut the amount and fees to bhi players ko kya
fark padega.. they will earn more than double in the IPL matches and
advertisement.. paise ke age saab fika… khel aur desh baad mein aata hain..
Best luck for the one days and enjoy your tour with your friends and family..

One Response to Anna ki Team Badi AAge..

  1. manju ruj

    nice article!!!! I have enjoyed to read it………. good………….

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