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A New “Wednesday” Story…

Posted by on August 17, 2011

Wednesday is a black day for us as most of the terrorists attacks were done on Wednesday.. a movie “Wednesday” was also in discussion in which Nasiruddin Shah, as a common man tackles down the problem of terrorism in his own way.. but yesterday’s Wednesday was something different.. a remarkable thing is that a common man raised his voice for the people…

Anna Hazare.. he has become the hero of the nation and turned the tables down on the government itself. Anna Hazare ka naam Kapil Sibbal, Ambika Soni, Chiddambaram sahib ko hazar, hazar din yaad rahega and unki hazaro rato ki nind ab haram hone wali hain. Sarkar ne ek Sher ko lalkaara hain.

Anna and his team has proved to be smarter than the so called rulling people. Shayad Kapil Sibbal ko aisa laga ki Baba Ramdev ki tarah iss movement ko bhi vo kuchal denge.. but Anna Hazare aur unki team ne unke hi iradon ko kuchal kar rakh diya. The government continued to repeat the mistakes and they were trapped in their own pit.

Anna is still in Tihar Jail and he is not ready to come out unless the government agrees to his conditions.. he wants unconditional release. The discussion and talks are continuously going on between the two parties. But the real achievement was the awareness and support of the people within the country and from outside the country.

Sarkar ko kya kare yah kuch bhi samaj nahi aa raha hain.. and they are just saying and commenting in what ever they want .. one of the congress man gave the statement that Anna has got support from America.. Arre bhai Obama ko kya koi aur kaam nahi hain kya?.. this the real condition of the ruling party and the government.

Even P. Chidabaram was not knowing yesterday where was Anna?.. then Delhi Police kis ke order par chal rahi thi ?. It was a long wait for the supporters who were outside the jail.. in the morning also the people started multiplying in numbers but Anna was firm on his decision.. the government is not able to find any solution that means abb aur ek raat unko nind aana mushkil hain..

I think we are lucky to get a chance to see the movement of Anna..I feel myself grateful that I am able to write something about this great man who is not just a “Loknayak” but now he has became a thought, a notion and a movement of new “Jan aandolan”. I can feel how the people in those days supported Mahatma Gandhi.. it might have been the same atmosphere and spirit of the people.. which is experienced today by us. Anna has written a new story of “Wednesday”.. and this time it will be remembered by the people as the “New Dawn” in India’s history.. agar har kranti ki shuruvat jail se hoti hain to log jail jane ke liye bhi taiyar hain.. Anna Hazare you are the real “Dawn” and “Dawn ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi, na mumkin hain”


2 Responses to A New “Wednesday” Story…

  1. Chetan J Sheth

    The way our Politicians Behaves , I would say whole Seven Days will be Black Day Very Soon. They are of thick skin & will have no effect of this movement, Inke liye to “GHATAK” / “GHAYAL” Style Apnao or phir bhi na mane to Hand Pump Ukhad ke Maro Arms act bhi nahi lagega or Sunny paji bhi khush ho Jayenge.

    Sorry for advicing violence but trully speaking I am not having very good writting skils like Mrs Pargat.
    Keep it up the movement in yr own way & we all will be with you always.

    Thx & regards

    Chetan sheth

  2. kirti kholapure

    ye sab purane mantriyonko hata dena chahiye. next election me sab naye log aane chahiye tabhi kuch hoga acha.

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