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A Black Day With Drama…

Posted by on August 16, 2011

The arrest of Anna Hazare has to be considered as a “black day” in our democracy.. the government has shown its helplessness against the increasing agitation of the people who are supporting Anna. What can we expect from such a government who is involved in corruption?… the government has proved that they are just the “dictators”… apni manmani aur tanashahi aakhir mein dikha di.. This is what we can call “Vinash kale Vipreet Buddhi” aur thodi bahot hoti to iss tarah ka Kaam vo nahi karti..

The way the action was taken against Anna is a slap on the constitutional right to protest peacefully.. even the Britishers never acted in such manner.. unhone Gandhiji ke saamane kabhi conditions nahi rakhi thi.. the protest and hunger strike now also needs certain conditions.. this is a direct attack on the the government.. is there need to explain them the real meaning of democracy? And inhone to corruption ki definition hi badal di hain, then what to say?.. matlab yah ki “Aap khaye to Kharcha and dusre khaye to Bhrashtachar”

Anna was taken into 7 days judicial custody.. and how hypocrite these people are? Anna is in Tihar Jail No. 4. The same jail where the so called corrupted leaders like Suresh Kalmadi, A Raja, are kept.. inki akal ki to daad deni chahiye.. no problem Anna ka sidhe sidhe saamana hoga unse.. might be they will accept their crime and have a sense of guilt..

Now it is our responsibility to carry forward this movement in a peaceful manner .. Anna has shown the way for us and now we have to come forward to support him and to stand firmly for this noble cause.

In between Anna Hazare is released but now Anna wants to go back to J P Park and wants to continue his hunger strike…

पहुँचने ना दो

गिरेबान तक

उनके घिनौने ‘हाथ’

कुचलो उनके नापाक इरादे

और बचाओ “माँ की लाज” ।

भले ही एक ‘अन्ना’ हो

या “पांडव” हो “पाँच”

सच्चाई की जीत होगी

मर मिटेंगे हम सभी

पर आने न देंगे देश पर आँच ।

2 Responses to A Black Day With Drama…

  1. Rajesh Patel

    Dear Varsha madam,
    We all are with Anna Hazare, and I am happy to read this article on your blog, just keep it up and doing boost up to all citizens of India. Once again thanks and congrates for efforts.



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