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Sabak Sikhana jaruri hain…

Posted by on August 15, 2011

Tomorrow Anna will start his fight against corruption. This time it is the last chance to change the system of our country and to crush corruption from our country.. Anna has already declared that this fight is not against the government but against corruption and so called corrupted people and leaders… then why the government is so afraid of ? why the government has imposed section 144 at J P Park in Delhi..?

The government has to learn now that they are not the rulers of the country but they are the servants.. muthi bhar log iss desh ko chala nahi sakte. Na vo desh ke malik hain na hi Delhi sirf unki hain… every time they will not be able to stop the people who want to correct the system and do justice to the nation.. But lagata hain ki Kapil Sibbal sahaab and Digvijay Singh and Ambika Soni yah bhul gaye hain ki agar janta bhadki to aisa sailab uthega ki tumhara namo nishan mit jayega.

Annaji has rightly said that “If you don’t understand the language of Mahatma Gandhi then he also knows how to talk like Shivali Maharaj”.. When the constitution has given us the right to protest in a peaceful manner and ways, the government should not stop the movement of Annaji.

Agar iss baar hum chuke to ye politicians ki himmat itni badh jayegi aur phir inko pakdna, saja dena mushkil hi nahi lagbhag namumkin ho jayega…  kyo ki yeh log acchi tarah se jante hein ki kanun ko tod marod kar apane fayde ke liye kaise istemal kiya jata hain..

This country is ours and we have the right to choose the right people and right ways.. sarkar ko agar desh ki itni hi chinta hoti to Anna ke raaste mein vo iss tarah se baadha paida nahi karti… this is the time to do or die.. sarkar itni magrur ho gayi hain ki usko sabak sikhana hi hoga…

Support Anna Hazare and his team.. Hum honge Kamyab….



One Response to Sabak Sikhana jaruri hain…

  1. Devendran Dhanapal

    We all should stand up and support fight against corruption. As Annaji rightly said, this is the second freedom for India. Lets fight until we find our country without Corruption and Black Money


    Devendran Dhanapal

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