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The Roads are different but the goal is same…

Posted by on July 8, 2011

“Lokpal Bill At Homes”..

In today’s competitive world everyone is facing tremendous pressure and tension but we hardly have any time to think for ourselves. We are definitely standing on the ‘Y’ point and not to know where to go and to seek peace of mind.

Our ambition and desire are always uncontrolled and so we face the mental doldrums. The fact remains the same that we want to travel easy way and achieve success as much early as possible.

This has given birth too many malpractices and the way to corruption. Today to fight against corruption has become the main motto of every one. We want the freedom from corruption and dishonesty.

But in deep sense we are not free from the corrupted minds. The necessity is there should be “Purity of thought” and “Purity of mind”. To attain the success these principles are equally important. The modern life style has given us these “gifts’… that we are jealous, full of hatred, not able to enjoy the success of others…

So today we have to fight  against corruption on Two Levels.. one is  Personal and another isNational. Though the roads are different there is one ambition and one goal. The paths are equally difficult for us but we have to continue our efforts until the goal is reached.

When we will be able to take control of such things in our life it will help us to lead from the front and to think about big things… that what we all are fighting for  …. that is to control Corruption.

At this time it is not only the necessity to pass the “Lokpal Bill” in the Parliament but at the ground level the efforts should be done to have the “Lokpal Bill’ in our homes. And so to say more “Every One Can become Anna Hazare”.. We all are having the good things but we have to take these good things at right time.. the time has come to live freely without any corruption… because life is so beautiful.. “So Chalo hum bhi kuch kare.. thodisi madat apni aaur dusro ki bhi kare… gujare jamane par shikva karna chhod do… Rasta kathin hai to kya huva ?… manjil ki chah mein kadam apana badha do”





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