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Dhru Thumer.. “Book is Special to Me”

Posted by on May 10, 2011

Book is always special to me .My mother was found of reading. When I was in 6th
standard  a person name Gunvant Shah lived opposite to me. He was old
and very found of reading and music.I have no tv at home and no
tuitions so I have lots of time to play and read. I always used to spend evening
with him talking about literature, music ,food, science and maths. Today also I
 remember that golden days .He was very good reader and to inculcate that
habit in me ,he has master plan.

 One day he started telling me the story of
Shakespeare ,Merchant of Venice&acirc.He told me story
and I found I very interesting, but he did not  tell the end of the story and
told me to read by my  self. Fortunately I came across the UPL
children’s Library and I immediately took the membership of it and the
first book I read was Merchant of Venice .After that I read many books ,I used to
eat two books daily.

We  have book review program on every third Friday of month,
I used to attained  daily . That was my golden days, I have participated in
many program of library and some great personality likeManendra Maghani to
Narayan Desai. I have read books from BokarPatel to Pruthvivallab,and Rajadi
Raj,from Premchand to Shardchandra, from adventure of tomsoyar toThe tell of two
 I was also found of reading the history books to science.I like history because
I found it interesting, thanks to Hollywood movies and discovery of india.I have
explored mystic island with golden treasure(Arabian nights-sindbad) , walking in
dark forest searching the musical fountain  ,taking breakfast  with rabbit
(Alice in wonderland-mad tea party)  ,climbing the castle with rope made up of
hair(princess ruptzanl),fighating with king & army(robin hood),exploring
deep sea in submarine with caption namo(20,000 league under sea âАУJulies
Vern),solving murder mystery with Sherlock homes, fighting with pireats in
search of gold(treasure island),learning wisdom from Buddha, wahching the dance
of amrapali (amrapali- dhumkatu),saving castle with Jon of arch and much more.
I always use to make barometer from balloons  ,and stand beside the shahjhan
watching taj . I was very fond of reading science books especially experiment
one, I that that was most easy way to study science and science is self
By the time I grow up and due to tuitions my reading habit decreases then also I
use to read ,now also at collage level I do not time to read, but then also I
enjoy reading. Now I read chatan bhagat,poeal choel  ,shashi theror ,sudha
murti.i also like to read autobiography ,autobiography of verges kurean and
kiran badi is inspiring. Books of swami sachidanand and   Krishnamurti   was
very touchable.
Reading always help in improving my imagination power   and knowledge. I can
easily understand the science concept .reading not only help me in academics but
provoked the thinking power hidden in myself. It provides me to situation with
different view. Reading has help in every stage of life.

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