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Posted by on May 4, 2011


Neh Rathod


My favourite writers are Dr. I.K.Vijalivala and Sudha Murthy. They are my favourites because the stories written by them are real incidents or their own experience which touches the reader’s heart. Their stories always convey message in some or other way. These stories have always helped me in every way of life. One of the story in the book of I.K.Vijaliwala was as follows.

Once upon a time the Lord was getting bored with the luxuries of heaven so they told Lord Brahma to send them to the Earth Lord Brahma agreed but he said the he can send them to Earth. If and only if they fulfill each and every wish of human. So Lord Brahma kept the Lords on the highest mountain but with the bravery human found the Lords and they started putting their wishes in front of Lord and Lords couldn’t do anything except saying “Tathastu’  to their wishes. So the Lords went to Lord Brahma and complained about the human. So Lord Brahma kept all the lords on the island of the biggest ocean but man reached there also and then it happened the same . So the Lords went to Lord Brahma and Lord Brahma kept to Lords deep in Earth but there also it happened so at last Lord Brahma kept all the lords in human’s heart where the man cannot reach easily.

So from this story I learn that the god is in our heart and the thing which we have to change is our attitude our thinking power. If we think that I will fail in this exam then one “Tathastu”  is added to it and if we say I will stand First in class than one is added to it. From this incident wherever I am in problem or worrying about the future then I say deep in my heart that everything will be as I am thinking and It has been recorded that what I had thought has happened in my life. So change our negative thinking into positive thinking. This story is in the book ‘Prem No Pagrav’ the 5th Part of ‘Moticharo’. Many nice incidents are there in this which are helpful to use to fight against this bad world and achieve success.

4 Responses to BOOKS ARE MY GUIDE..

  1. hitanshi

    I LOVE THE WAY YOU WROTE THIS I”TS amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. hitanshi

    LOVE YOUR PIC ALSO hitanshi happy

  3. hitanshi

    I want to read this over and over I just love the key message be positive never negative.

  4. Raj

    It is ‘divya aansh’ right?

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