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Posted by on May 3, 2011

After a long struggle and search operation America got success in the end to kill the most wanted terrorist in the world Osama bin Laden. He is no more now. His death is definitely a step towards the end of terrorism. The operation was carried out secretly by the US army and agency and this time they made no mistake.

The way they planned out and were successful is praise worthy and so we congratulate the President of America Mr. Barak Obama. The Americans are on the road to show their happiness and they are at the moment having a strong feeling of conquering the enemy who was always hiding and hostile.

Today this day will be written with gold in the American history as they got success. No doubt they will never forget the tragedy of WTC tower attack which is considered as a BLACK DAY. We all have seen and experience the terror particularly on 11 September.

Now there will be lot of discussion on the tactics and policies of US. But one thing is proved that Pakistan is in picture… Pakistan was always denying that they are not the supporters of terrorism. The place where Osama was killed is near the Pakistan’s capital and near military centre. It is not possible that they were not knowing about Osama. What India is always saying that Pakistan is a centre has been proved by the US.

This chapter is not over yet. Al- Kaida can be more active and might be thinking of taking revenge of their leader Osama. The whole world should come together to curb terrorism and establish peace.


  1. dhru thumer

    all well that ends well

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