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Stepping to “KISS” the WORLD..

Posted by on April 25, 2011

Don’t be surprised  and don’t have any doubts in mind that a school Shree Gattu Vidyalaya is stepping to “KISS” the World. Yes, this the first step towards low carbon future. If we want to survive and hand over this planet to the next generation we all have to “KISS” the world that is we have to “Keep it Strong and Sustainable”.

Our school students have decided to do something to save the environment. The students are spreading this message among the people and society through their efforts. It’s our responsibility to  do our best to save this earth as there is no other option for us. The students who have taken this challenge are coming to you with some innovative ideas and implementation. So help them to help yourself and keep this planet Clean and Green.

My effort is to give their idea to you and encourage them for the work. The students are Y.J.Veena, Arnish Vekaria, Ronak Prajapati, Jitesh Rajpurohit, Sapna Shukla, Nakul Patel, Binit Shah, Smriti Bhanti, Riya Bhat, Shilpa Rawat, Gargi Patel, Lavanya, Nikhil Mahadik, Aditya, Brijesh Patel

Your green suggestions are welcome so let us join this movement of change…Todays Green Tips..

Switch off the lights and computer when not needed

Save water and reuse the water

Take a walk, Have a bicycle.


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