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Lord Buddha, Ambedkar and We…

Posted by on April 14, 2011

The whole nation will pay the tribute to Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar on account of his birth anniversary . A person who brought a complete revolution in the Indian society and changed its rigid and orthodox structure to give new dimension. He is the one who fought to lift the lower castes and the down trodden. Having strong faith in Buddhism he decided to accept it along with his all followers.

 The past is gone but what we see in the vista of years. During the last few decades we have reduced our history into few paragraphs to put it into school syllabus. It’s total disgrace for all of us that our school students dislike Social science. Indeed the feeling of nationalism has become propaganda in today’s politics. The dirty politics is at every step and door. All these people use the icon like Ambedkar for their political wishes and desire. The politicians and we the common people are far away from the path which was led by Lord Buddha and Dr. Ambedkar.

 What changes we can see in the poor and downtrodden people? We have made these icons great through their images, statues and giving names to the Before Ambedkar Lord Buddha preached us about Generosity, Discipline, Patience, Diligence, Concentration and Wisdom. He also gave the message of Compassion and love for others. Lord Buddha is the symbol of Peace to all of us. According to these principles it ends all the sufferings in our life. Our inability to practice such simple principles has lead to the problems at social and personal level.

 Corers of rupees are spent over the different projects in his name. But the results can only be seen on the papers to show that we have progressed a lot .We do lack discipline, patience and Diligence. These are the mounting problems in our society. The complete indiscipline has hampered out our efficiency and progress. We show our indiscipline while following the simple traffic rules. To enjoy freedom doesn’t mean that we are going to break the rules.“Freedom does not exist without order”, but in one or the other way we never make this habit. We show our indiscipline on the roads and the politicians in the Parliament, just abusing each other. It is a matter of research to find their ideology and principles. It is a sure wastage of time and money when they take any matter for discussion. The common man’s problem is buried under their blame game. In the same way we have a remote relation with Patience.

A recent survey has mentioned that there is a tremendous increase in the rate of criminal cases because we are becoming aggressive day by day. We react very fast to become violent. The young stars particularly are losing their temper  quite easily.The live telecast of the Parliament Session in no way is different. The speaker of the Parliament many times finds difficult to run the session when the members become violent. There are many such incidents as a proof to show our impatient attitude as a common man or leader. So what we accepted from great people? In the Parliament campus we have the statue of Ambedkar. His portrait in the Central Hall of the Parliament. No one is ashamed of his misbehaviour.

The statue of Ambedkar is dressed with blue coat, having a copy of constitution in one hand, holding it firmly and one hand rose slightly pointing something with finger. I think he is pointing towards the people and the members to warn them and to be aware of. Surely his soul might be restless to see the misuse of constitution and democracy. He might be shattered to see the chaos and hierarchy in the world’s largest democracy.

Diligence means to take care but we pretend to be as a care taker. Dr. Ambedkar made a special provision by giving reservation to the lower caste people in order to open up the doors for them of equal opportunity and growth. Today  many programmes and Yojnas are running over to help them but we are still far away to reach the decidable target and growth.

All these programmes can become effective with proper implementation and planning. The dream of Ambedkar has to be fulfilled with honest efforts by the government and the administrative officers. The real needy person remains empty handed in spite of the beneficiary programmes. The diligences is only seen when it comes to us at personal level. The politicians are no exceptional for that. They are taking care of themselves some times in the name of poverty, some times in the name of opportunities, some times in the name of religion and caste. Actually they have locked up the fate of poor and backward to meet their own selfish purposes.

Every year the politicians, followers show their respect and love on his birth anniversary, on the anniversary of the day when he accepted Buddhism and on the anniversary of his mahaparinirvana but the real tribute  will be following the simple principles and contributing our efforts towards his dream of ‘Freedom with equal rights and opportunities”.



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