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Efforts To Rearrange ….

Posted by on February 15, 2011

We strongly believe in our responsibility towards society. We have developed the concept of “Responsible Care”. The teacher has a huge responsibility on the shoulder. In the recent survey it has been discover that India will be the youngest country in the world. Having such large population is not a thing to be proud of but the plus point is that we will have the young people along with us compare to other countries.

According to the survey up to 2020 an average Indian is expected to be only 29 years old, as against 37 years in China and the US, 45 years in West Europe and 48 years in Japan. This has given us the opportunity to become a superpower. All the schools are striving hard to bring changes on academicals level. The government is also focusing to reform at every level. In recent education policy we have seen the changes, targeting the students overall growth.

We have a big challenge in front of us. School and teachers can play an important role in moulding and shaping the young minds. Imbibing values and virtues among the students is our aim. We have adopted new ways of teaching in the school. The activity based learning has helped the students to understand better.

The school has to work out with different and new methods in order to help the students to attain high scores in board exams, to ensure them of getting admission in reputed colleges and at the same time to guide them systematically to give them stress free learning environment. Our school is working on this platform. During the activity it is looked after carefully that each and every child should get a chance to participate. The class activities are done on particular topics, like different festivals, rivers, regions, states, culture, panchmahabhuta, great leaders, religion and as such all the topics related directly or indirectly to their syllabus.

This has motivated the students and the teachers. We didn’t believe in teaching them thoughts but to instil thoughtfulness. We want that they should learn and take the values to become good citizens. I think it’s important to nurture this feeling of good citizens among the students. We always talk about the progress and development of the students and nation but our education has failed to bring up the students with civic sense.

Normally in all schools the problem of indiscipline prevails. Breaking furniture, spitting, throwing garbage, papers are problems which we want to control. The schools need to teach the students to use all the facilities with respect.  Because the whole generation will grow up with such habits then how our public places would be use by them is a big question in front of us? Our young generation is using all the modern facilities, they have the exposure of advance technology but we have to make them feel that being responsible can make them real citizens.

Our school is trying to pull them out of such bad habits. Every time during the parents meet the Principal is discussing the matter with parents. We are working together to change the mindset of the students. Constant counselling and discussion are showing the result. The students are becoming aware about switching the lights and fans while leaving the classroom. But we know it very well that lot has to be done. To change the world we have to change first but before the expected change we have to rearrange the things. As a part of developing society and nation we are accepting this challenge of “Rearranging for Changing”.

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