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A Flower of Friendship…..

Posted by on March 26, 2011

From A Teacher's Desk

From A Teacher’s Desk.. 

Anjali Rai

“A child is the Father of the Man”. We are very well familiar with this proverb. At times it happens that we learn something from the young children. Knowingly or unknowingly the children are always saying something to us. Even in the class when I look at them I feel as if they are saying something to me. But the sad part is we neglect them, ignore them.

Their demanding appeal is always speaking. The children do quarrel but they forget easily. They love and hate. They are co-operative, careful and some how originally helping by nature. Their eagerness and helping attitude is crushed as they grow up. It can be in the school or back at their home. The need of the hour is to reach them, build such qualities and at least appreciate their efforts. With this article I want to share my experience.

It was a day when I co-incidentally went to primary section to meet my friend. It was the class of II A. The students were busy in their own regular work. I saw a girl, very cute and pretty one. When I looked at her she gave a sweet smile. I really liked the way she looked. Now a days we rarely get such smile from others. We are always surrounded by old, cold familiar looks. So when I saw her i felt something different. I asked her name. She said “Anjali, Anjali Rai”

Anjali, is pyari Anjali. She is taking lead to help others. That’s what we are always talking about developing leadership among the children. Through my curiosity I came to know more about her. Her class teacher Mrs. Ami Rokadia opened up her different folds of qualities. Anjali is taking care of her classmates and friends. Sometimes she is asking her friends to note down or either noting down her self for her friends who are not able to complete the work in time. If her friend forgets to wear glasses she actually takes the glasses and puts it on her friends eyes. She is keeping the books , bag and what we can say about her. She is just like a “Mother”. This is a special and good comment by her class teacher. She is at the center of the class and the whole class loves her.

Anjali’s friendly and co-operative approach is an eye opener for all of us. As grown up, we are stingy, reserved and rigid people. We always keep ourselves in the door and sometimes ask our children “Tu tera kam kar, Dusro ke bare me kya sochana”..

As her teacher is able to find out her qualities.. It should be properly looked after and nurtured by the parents and school. We are lucky to have such students in our school. The lovely bud must blossom and spread the fragrance of love, care and friendship !.

I want to say something to Anjali, “Anjali you are too young to understand what I am saying but I only can say keep up this way of living. You have this quality of giving and helping. Enjoy your work and school days might be in future you will be special”.

2 Responses to A Flower of Friendship…..

  1. ami rokadia

    great write up varsha. nice to read your articles on various topics. Its amazing how you are able to pick up small small things to write about.

  2. mansi

    anjali was in ma class dance nd i know her well………
    she’s jus soo eager too knw things………………….

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