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Teacher’s Desk

A Flower of Friendship…..

From A Teacher’s Desk..  “A child is the Father of the Man”. We are very well familiar with this proverb. At times it happens that we learn something from the young children. Knowingly or unknowingly the children are always saying something to us. Even in the class when I look at them I feel as … Continue reading »

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A Profession in turmoil…..

Teaching profession is not an attraction for today’s young generation. The young one’s look forward to so far a very high profile job with nice package of salary. Though many factors are responsible for such dismay still we can find many teachers working selflessly in spite of troubles and difficulties. The way we progressed has … Continue reading »

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Reading the Foundation of life

I have seen the world through the eyes of many great poets, writers and philosopher. This is what I discovered this world, explore new things and started enjoying the life. I developed the habit of reading books and slowly I found that it changed my own thinking and started perceiving more and more. This has … Continue reading »

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Efforts To Rearrange ….

We strongly believe in our responsibility towards society. We have developed the concept of “Responsible Care”. The teacher has a huge responsibility on the shoulder. In the recent survey it has been discover that India will be the youngest country in the world. Having such large population is not a thing to be proud of … Continue reading »

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