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The Original Golmaal…. I am not talking about the movie Golmaal 1, 2, …. or 3 but the real and original “Golmaal” . This we experience and see in India. We know how our system works and apathy is shown every time by the people, officers and the government. Every where this is common scenario and … Continue reading »

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Are we scientifically & religiously blind?

life style… No doubt we are living in highly advanced and techno-savvy world, still we are unable to change the religious beliefs of our mind. We are struggling to get out of bonding and concepts of religion. The advancement in the field of science has put many inventions and discoveries in our lap. Our progress … Continue reading »

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Life is Simple…

Lifestyle.. Life is what and how we take it. It can be easy, difficult, enjoyable and complicated. We perceive and accept so many things while living. God has bestowed upon us innumerable gifts to survive. This is the only chance for us to do and leave the foot prints behind. As life is full of … Continue reading »

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Reading the Foundation of life

I have seen the world through the eyes of many great poets, writers and philosopher. This is what I discovered this world, explore new things and started enjoying the life. I developed the habit of reading books and slowly I found that it changed my own thinking and started perceiving more and more. This has … Continue reading »

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Our Search is On ……..!

The question always strikes my mind, “What is the objective of life?”. The answer may differ from person to person. It can be money, fame, happiness, success or something else?. Our search is still on. Depression and frustration are the gifts of this modern world. Man is not satisfied with the things that he had. … Continue reading »

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I am a Perfect Idiot

What is wrong with me is I easily believe what other says. I always fail to understand that thing at that particular moment. But later on I realised that what the person was saying. This is my fault or I am unable to practice such habits in my life is a big question. I am … Continue reading »

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We are the miser of the worst species

Don’t be shocked to know that we are the miser of the worst species. As a teacher I am always in contact with the people and the students. What I have learned from my experience that we are day by day becoming miser in terms of giving happiness to others as well as to ourselves … Continue reading »

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Are We Enjoying Freedom?

Aang San Suu Kyi who is the world famous political leader and symbol of peace has defined freedom as “Real freedom is freedom from fear and unless you can live free from fear you cannot live a dignified human life”. India being a largest democratic country in the world is enjoying the gifts of freedom … Continue reading »

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